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another you do most is to promote the link up to this enterprise station, for example, to the B2B platform information, classification of website information, followed by the address in their contact information, etc.,. Answer the previous question, you link more than others, the less why others in front of you. Do >

links have a significant impact on the ranking of the site, but also the long-term, website ranking links as the most important reference factors, you know what, you really do? Often encounter some novice asked me: my chain than competitors, why the row below it, of course, here to clarify a problem, that is not the chain will be ranked in the top of the influence of the web site keywords ranking at least 200 factors. Not only because you are in a single beyond the competitors will put your site in the front row, and comprehensive factors besides now more and more on the search engine of a website, rather than a single factor. To return to the topic, I see a slightly chain structure, that is from the B2B trading platform and the classified information.

platform is a link belongs to low quality links, here to explain why. The chain is generally divided into two kinds, one is the recommended type link type link is recommended to produce high quality ranking links below the influence. For example, you published an article on the professional articles on the website, which referred to some professional terms, as we mentioned TSV stainless steel corrosion pump idling this term in a water pump in the article. This noun is unknown to outsiders, even people in the industry may not know, because this product is a term for our definition. So like this kind of rare words, professional terminology, most people do not know the word, and the needs of users. After reading the user does not understand, the need for further understanding, the user will click on the link. Such links do not do depends on the user there is no help, users will click on the link, if you will, it proves that there is a demand, it is worth doing.

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now see some people abuse in this regard, at the end of an article on its website in general love to get a pointer to the home page links. It is a common word, you should know the anchor text is what role is what to do with the anchor text meaning is explained. What is the explanation function, only those who need to explain the words to add anchor text. Like some common words we all know what it means, also for you to add a chain of the artificial anchor? Like this no one click on a search engine that will reduce the overall weight of the site is spam links, because in the link a link active degree affects the chain link. The activity is click on the link links to many, of course, to determine the factors and the quality of content, residence time, the PV value and so on, so we don’t have made such a stupid mistake, search engine evolution for so many years, these people are able to identify.

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