Talk about add to Shanghai love home method and principle

3, "added to the Shanghai love home" on our website for the benefits of


How to add a

2, the website weight

? In fact, this is the new


Below is the

search keyword Xuzhou network of excellence, we can clearly see that the search for the word love Shanghai and did not give the "add to love Shanghai home" function.

if we submit your URL to love Shanghai, love Shanghai according to the site itself weight to judge whether it is necessary to assign this function, if our website weight is 6, and each keyword ranking is very good, almost all in Shanghai’s first love, then love, good priority this website on the contrary, if our website is a new word, even submitted, also do not have what meaning.

as shown above, with a different web site search results are different, the search network of excellence, to "add love love Shanghai Shanghai home" function, this in the end what reason? Love Shanghai is among themselves what keywords according to the principle of

as shown above we can add your own web site keywords, actually this is we can’t control, love Shanghai according to the keyword keyword hot, love Shanghai index and rank to give an example, we can see:

recently believe everyone to love Shanghai new upgrade function "added to the Shanghai love home", have been heard, many owners are on their web sites were set up, but the result is not as we imagine, how do we go to the function of operation, what impact on our website today the author? And join together to discuss the principle, method and added to the Shanghai love home ".


competition index of love

is the first display key must have the love Shanghai index, also is to have a certain degree of competition, if we add the relevant keywords, plus some regional or not, so this time, Shanghai will love the love of Shanghai high index, high search volume keywords priority to "add the beloved Shanghai home" as shown above, the same site, similar keywords display results are very different.


we need to add the site URL and keyword, inside this actually add the main site, as shown below: international wine merchants, add after it there will be a prompt, successfully added, so that the site has been submitted to the Shanghai love "added to love Shanghai home" web application.

1, Shanghai

love sea >

two, love Shanghai automatically assigns the keyword

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