Talk about how to make a web based and search engine algorithm against each other

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second, optimization of instability caused by the unstable

website foundation instability is a problem ignored by many owners, including the foundation website website content is not stable, unstable, unstable link optimization, the template is not stable, from the QQ group information, they are the sites of the new station and the new year, there is a great characteristic the unstable. So do the site foundation is an important factor for stability in Shanghai ranked in the website of love, here I talk about how to strengthen the foundation of construction site.


content of instability caused by the unstable

sites are lack of innovation, with the acquisition software used more and more frequently, the content of the website now many sites are collected, and the content of the site is automatically produced by software, the article has a lot of characteristics, that is the article is not coherent, repetitive keywords, when the search engine spiders to crawl the site will cause mistrust of the site, a long time will cause serious damage to the site. Do the content on the website to do the update, the webmaster use less acquisition software, more to improve the self originality and innovation, the article down to save the site fundamentally is right down the situation, in order to ensure website development.

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third, link instability caused by the unstable

site in love in Shanghai ranking and down has become a lot of things in a headache, a few days ago in a web site QQ group got a few information, many webmaster website today ranking in 10 a few, may be reduced to 20 several tomorrow, there are many webmaster site within the 10 ranking under the frequent fluctuation of a day is likely to fluctuate several times. I believe that the fundamental reason for this phenomenon is: the website foundation and the search engine algorithm is not consistent.

First, the

website optimization is a means to improve website ranking optimization, but instability will cause website ranking rebound, through a webmaster chat with me to get the following information: 1 is the site of the keyword stuffing too is purely for optimization and optimization; 2 is done today and tomorrow and the rest of the content of the website, so the frequency of love can only cause Shanghai to the website is not friendly. The webmaster should draw up a site plan, establish the website development goals, do website optimization planning, make their sites every day to get updates, let site keywords get good treatment, make your own website can exist for a long time in search engine.

ranking love Shanghai

site links include the chain chain and the site within the site content and with the increase of the chain, several links from the beginning to establish the transition to hundreds of thousands of links, which requires the webmaster to link the stable work in the link increased, regular cleaning site dead links, check the website Links, anchor text link check website is the webmaster must do. The author suggests that the dead link station can be once a week cleaning the site. "

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