Shanghai dragon is not only the content and the chain page factors play crucial role

similarity is too high will affect the site included? This could be considered we are familiar with the original and reproduced, generally original articles can quickly be included in search engines, and reprint articles search engines are not included; similarly, web page similarity is too high, while the content of page updates not much, it is relatively so false original article, the article content is less, then the page similarity is higher, when the site overall weight is not high, will lead to these pages are not included, this is the reason why many enterprises website articles not included.


so many people think the Shanghai dragon in addition to content and other outside chain can be regarded as the clouds, if a site has good content and strong support of the chain, then this site keywords optimization is easy, in fact, this is not unreasonable, but the majority of owners is the lack of high quality content and high weight outside the chain, so some of the details of other factors for optimization becomes more important, such as site open speed, reasonable use of the website label, URL settings and so on, these are likely to affect the keywords ranking, now in addition to the competition who website content is good, who is the hair of the chain is good, the rest is some of the fine details of the deal, the details of the better, of course in the rankings have an advantage. Here’s what the page in the site for some influencing factors of Shanghai Longfeng Optimization:

two, website pages related to affect the user experience of


is on the page title pages related to the content that match, the title on the emergence of this product, and does not reflect the content, even if the user can’t find what you want in the content, will make the page out rate increases, so the person in the page in the construction that should be based on the content of the page title to set. A lot of friends blindly looking for keyword search volume to set high, without considering the correlation, such as a page on their songs, sad songs have found the keyword search volume good, so regardless of the consequence, the keywords directly into the website of the title, in fact, did not appear on the page this content.


page similarity is too high, the impact site included

in order to solve this problem, personally think that the corporate website or some of the weight of the lower station, should reduce the number of characters at the bottom, put some useless things out, and reduce the number of side recommended articles, it is good to make their sites do not exist the phenomenon of similarity is too high,

web page similarity is too high to be a problem in many websites, especially some small business station, less content, page text is not much, but the right side of the page and the text at the bottom are the same. As shown in Figure A5 page:



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