Shenzhen Shanghai high was often used in website optimization work in the process of software Dragon

Pseudo original

site map is a site all the information collection and navigation, it is a single page, but it is on top of the Internet on all pages of information link. It can guide the visitors to the site of the reading, of course website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect is very large.

design with understanding love Shanghai, Google and other search engine update, Shanghai dragon predecessors developed tools will be eliminated at any time, but the new Shanghai dragon software has a birth, some people even with the development of Shanghai dragon tools, rely on the sale of Shanghai dragon tools business. Of course, this is great for those of us who look at the novice Shanghai dragon Er, good tool can not be used. Today to introduce several I often used on the website of Shanghai dragon in the process of optimization software, hope that we can love.

Web log analysis is an essential quality of a Shanghai dragon Er, because all the problems are from the website Web site log in to find out the answer. But for the novice Web log is a pile of garbage with symbols, so do not understand the code of people who can understand the log analysis? We need to rely on these two software today I introduced:

site map production software:


here recommended SiteMap X site map making tool, recommended reason: 1. it is a free web site map generator; 2. comprehensively applies to Google, YAHOO, love Shanghai, Bing and other major search engines; 3. production formats, including XML, GZ, TXT, HTML etc..

1, pseudo original tools:

2, keyword ranking query tool:



1.: Jinhua Jinhua Webmaster Tools webmaster tools this year to do very well, the function is also more and more powerful, we will use this function is Jinhua Webmaster Tools log analysis. Choose Jinhua webmaster tools to find the log analysis options, and then select the web log directory, click on the analysis finally came out of the results. Here we can see the love of Shanghai, Google and other search engine spiders on our site visits and site >


tool in the past few years is a very good tool, but with the search engine algorithm constantly updated, pseudo original effect is also more and more small, now love Shanghai for pseudo original has certain recognition function, so would you want to put the site on yourself to write high quality articles.

4, log analysis tool

on the line every day the first query keywords ranking change is one thing every novice webmaster Shanghai dragon will do, is every webmaster of happy things. Of course, we all know that online query tool Chinaz with love station are relatively strong, here I will not detail.

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