The construction of the chain of actual combat Links how quickly and effectively expand

2 home industry exchange group. Mainly for the same industry chain exchange group.

3, friends of the chain.

requires the ceiling above the crowd of 500, which has gathered a lot of friends, because of the "little lost Crawler" service website category belongs to the financial industry, it is also the root search add more than 10 of the QQ group.

two, QQ

with the development of the search engine, website content quality requirements become more and more important, but the chain construction is indispensable in the website operation medium, I suggest you don’t try to find what the high quality of the chain, as long as the site itself is excellent, can solve the user search demands directly, basically a period of time the operation will give the site accumulated weight, under this premise, I want to remind you that Links is perhaps the best way to the construction of the chain, is also the most effective and stable way, so this article "small reptiles lost" with their own practical experience, to the webmaster friends to share how to achieve rapid development Links.

as well as the theme of the website channel


said the construction of the chain I believe most of the webmaster friends will encounter this problem, the Internet will also find many ways to expand the chain, but with the development of the Internet, before many easy to leave the chain of the site has become less and less, and now most platform type sites have been increasingly protective of their website weight the loss, even to collect some original works and stationmaster friends very carefully, but also a lot of opportunities to suffer from the wall, "lost little reptile" and friends in communication are also found in such cases is a bitter, but must to do a real thing.

QQ classification is the root to expand out into different groups to exchange chain group:

in the construction site to the beginning to have Links this module structure, due to the "lost little reptile do is a type of website platform, covering widely, but can be divided into several sections: products, information consulting, online forums, and other channels, each channel has a different subject positioning, so for Links module these channels are the corresponding, as many webmaster friends may refer to cross link content page, this article could do repeat length, cross link pages will be devoted an article split out to do real sharing. Then share "lost little reptile" is how to achieve rapid Links in the layout of the

, add large chain exchange QQ group


, 1 different channels of the column group. For example, direct search "chain" or "chain + channel" theme of this type of group, the relative amount is relatively large, what type of inside the station, the QQ group is mainly to exchange the major channel of a chain of paving.

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