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Shanghai dragon

said even before that, these are my own principle according to the practice and understanding of their lessons, I think it is justified, but the specific right, you look at, well below the open.

What is the

well, what is the Shanghai dragon, we can explore the principle of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is to do rankings, so we need to pay attention to the Shanghai dragon is the search engine ranking principle principle, that is, how to operate the web site to let the search engine think your web page should be in the front row, is Shanghai Longfeng principle of this article we want to say.


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on Saturday, we finished the influence of site level factors Google ranking, the original plan is then today about the chain of factors, but I want to put first time with him today, we explore the use of the principle of Shanghai dragon, because of the influence of Google Shanghai dragon too much, so we all speak it too trivial, and no overall grasp of the overall situation, even if all these factors are down effect is not too good, so today to talk about the principle of Shanghai dragon is also necessary.

Shanghai dragon


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Shanghai dragon? Many people will answer search engine optimization, but that you said to novice, he might not understand, too official, in fact, in simple terms, is the Shanghai dragon do rankings, is the site to do search engine results list in front, this is the Shanghai dragon the purpose of contests up may be biased, but more than 90% of the actual Shanghai dragon Er heart of Shanghai dragon is such a thing.

here we need to illustrate, for example, you search for the word Shanghai Longfeng, appeared in the Shanghai love home website:

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appeared in the top six is the site’s home page, and not your site’s home page, a little analysis, may be a lot of Shanghai dragon Er can tell some of these website ranking of the truth, what weight, chain, content and so on, the answer will contain a variety of factors that numerous. It is indeed justified, but what is the most fundamental factor here? I think there are three aspects:

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