The actual verification of Shanghai dragon is wrong

web page

weight distribution mechanism

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first saw the weight distribution of the remarks I wonder, the search engine value is a page of information, how to do the weight distribution of the entire site. Also in the two level directory of the single page as an example, the single page ranking are good, at least in search of the first page of love Shanghai. If there is a problem of weight distribution, then my home should be "drag" is, but in fact the home page ranking in the top three love Shanghai. Of course, there is another explanation: my website weight high, if so, I will thank love Shanghai for their love.

Shanghai dragon is the real need of practice, rather than rote learning theory of others. The search engine is constantly changing as network environment adjustment, so even master the essence there will also be out of date. The author according to the actual combat experience contradicted himself a comparison of several popular Shanghai dragon view.

The more the better in the chain of

said the Shanghai dragon, will have to say the chain. Many are encouraging the tutorial on the Internet without a massive increase in the chain of their own, as if as long as the chain will get good rankings, but I found this view through practice and flaws. The chain has had a positive impact on the ranking, but not the more the better. The chain want quality and stability. The author of a station only in the first months of on-line done outside the chain, then it has not, so ranking steadily. I do the chain has a characteristic, is very stable, the past year is not lost. And in a competitor’s site, although the chain a lot, but the quality is poor, the ranking also becomes suddenly down on. Therefore, we suggest that you make friends again when the chain or quantity, but quality.

a lot of Shanghai Longfeng tutorials and training materials are stressed the need to update the site, that will get the favor of search engine, get better ranking. But the author thinks that frequently updated content will only make your website snapshot update more frequently, and for the change of the ranking has little effect. For example, I love to set up sales in the two single page directory, the product page no change since on-line. For the past six months, they are still lying on the first page of the search results of the love of Shanghai. Although there will be little change, but has not been a large number of competitors to squeeze down. I think a web page to get good rankings, the most important is the details. The title and description written plus a high quality of the original article, the internal optimization has been OK.

is very important

a lot of friends in the evaluation of a website when the amount collected is very important, I also value this data. But a see someone selling website, said Shanghai has collected hundreds of thousands of love, only sell 500 yuan. At the very heart, love Shanghai. Later found to be included in the article are collected.

does not update the contents of ranking dropped

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