How will the content of the web site into a web series

first, all records website page title

was the first to record the title of each article, this is the website content into network structure is very important. So every time you send an article title must be recorded, in fact here we want to say a digression, that is we should do web site quality, rather than do garbage sites, from boutique website and spam site is the essence of the content, so if a small and medium-sized enterprise station content I hope everyone is from the user’s point of view, the real write to solve user problems, or the user is interested in the article. If it is over the collection of articles I also hope you can put the article from A to Z look again, embellished, perfect content. Now I finally understand why people who will do the Bo tube chain so well that each content is personally written, on their website content well, also can only be well known for their website content under the condition of all of the content on the web series to create a large network. But the content is useful to the user, even though they may be only a month to write an article, or even longer. Rather than go every day to update and update the site, write some non nutritious junk content. Only in the website content is to write it to remember, next time to write articles will remember the content, then the nature of the chain. Imagine that every day in order to update and update the website, how can you do that? It is recommended that you do fine website.

recently when some Shanghai Longfeng celebrity blog, found an important problem in the chain is they do quite extreme, this is quite the envy of. They are each content with the previous articles linked together, as some like to write novels. In fact, it is quite good to do, the first can largely reduce the bounce rate, second easy to search engine spiders better crawling our website, that correlation between the third website content is very strong. Sitelinks for our long tail keywords ranking can also play a good promotion, in fact, now all the content on your site together into a web site or rarely, especially a little larger site it is difficult to do, but only if one has hundreds of pages of small site as long as you spend idea is absolutely can do, then what should we do?

some people may say I am writing this article there is no association with the previous content. At this time I can not to put the content of the web site into a web and insert content into it, this is not conducive to the user experience. Strong is absolutely not, absolutely is to build on the favorable conditions for the user experience under. I want to say that there is no correlation between pages we will allow them to produce association. One I think the most classic example: in 1985, Japan’s economic index Piaohong suddenly, the economic situation is excellent, according to the "


second, make the association between

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