Network promotion in my eyes mouchangqing master

forum propaganda way is my many website promotion methods, the most difficult, but also effect is the fastest. Every day I have to outside those forums dozens of topics, hundreds of top posts. But in those big forum to have a lot of Ma3 jia3 reply to it, otherwise the advertisement effect is very poor. In several forums I major publicity in one forum has 40 several ID.

online, but most people are a generation, so a lot of people in this way, the effect is not obvious. In fact, a forum is the biggest Essentials: choose good material (must be very popular kind) and then go to a very popular version (version I often go to the area are hundreds of thousands of people online the clock) post publicity. To use a few.

You must be very curious

at that time Mou Changqing has a reputation, is the object of many network push staff learning, I have many times in the previous article said, at that time, I will be in his blog promotion articles, read two or three times from A to Z. This is not bragging, on the one hand, on the other hand, the thirst for knowledge, he was not many blog. You may also like dozens of. But is this dozens of articles, let me spend a month internship, and become one of the most powerful push network company.

is a comprehensive entertainment forum, so what kind of posts can be in inside hair. Every day I will go online to collect a lot of wonderful video is currently the most popular on their own forums (my favorites put dozens of video sites to find material). Then go to the related forums overwhelming publicity.

was actually a mouchangqing network promotion method of sharing are very common, very common, that we all know, such as forums, Links, email marketing and so on, but why some people always is not a success? Here we an excerpt from the teacher early to write articles to promote the case in:


I made a small forum in October 23, 2005, in my work in Chengdu before his resignation has been 1000-2000 IP. Work after the resignation, I concentrate on our own forum. Do 2WIP from 2000IP with flow time less than a week. I would like to share my experience, website promotion.

no blog what was Mou Changqing learned what profound martial arts? I’m actually not much, Mou Changqing teacher there have learned what dry cargo, only five words: "I learned the details of execution".

forum propaganda promotion:

09 years, I just came out from the school, enter a dating company network, was still a network promotion only know that this is how to write four words for aspiring young people. In order to pass the internship, get high salary, I began to push the network, learning object selection was normalized to promote Master: mouchangqing.

There are a lot of website promotion methods are told the Forum promotion

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