The key to optimize the website is the core keywords of the long tail keywords selection

love Shanghai weight query look at this web site is to use what keywords optimization site, as shown in figure

to do long tail keywords, usually there is a misunderstanding, the so-called long tail keywords, is a combination of "keyword + XX", in fact, this is a wrong view, the so-called long tail keywords is a certain flow, but also the core keywords and website of the word, the word contains words or a combination of X + + X keywords at the same time, including no keywords words, but always around the key words. From the above data shows that, only to hear the sizzle in the keyword search volume on >


Analysis of

first love Shanghai about money, "to find relevant results about 100000000", it is self-evident, the word hot hot, remove the love of Shanghai, in the first row of the website as below:

in the past six data, make the keyword ranked second, search volume is 2764 times, and two and money related words "make money online", "network project", the search volume is respectively 2043 times, 269 times, three other keywords although no money of words, but the amount of search especially the "Internet time" and "part-time network" were 4153 times, 2056 times, another word "Taobao customer tutorial" also has 500 times the search volume.

website must have a core keywords, general core keywords is one to two, in the time of the two keywords, we only rely on these two words to maintain, not reality. So, the optimization of Shanghai dragon real master, after selecting the keywords, in the optimization process, the more love to build the core keywords with long tail keywords, marketing is the most classic sentence is: "do not sell beef, only sell the sizzle!"

how to choose the long tail keywords? We chose the most popular online – for example, we are a fundamental objective of the most common online is the webmaster website is to make money, we have to make this keyword, to analyze how to choose the long tail keywords to optimize website.

. The

to do the long tail keywords, another advantage is to avoid the fierce competition, many of my friends have been looking for the blue ocean economy, hope that their chosen keywords less competition, this is to avoid competitors in an efficient way, but do have very high keywords need forward-looking and predictive, this not everyone has the talent, so we all love with hot words, do not have their own a space for one person in the fierce competition. For example, the spring festival ticket queue, the crowd flow, as long as we stick to the queue, waiting patiently, always buy the ticket home, the choice of keywords is the same, although a lot of people in the competition, as long as we insist, then sooner or later the keywords to bring us benefits.


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