New website analysis allows some website development factors

third core site operation and maintenance is the user must not be optimized in order to optimize. This point is very anxious and leads to the optimization problem, we continue to take babies for example, babies born after feeding the food second already talked about it, but if you want to violate the principle, to the child every day of overeating, will undoubtedly lead to child growth and development problems, because the child is the digestive system fragile! In the same way, the website is a truth, a new station on the line does not have any weight, it is like a newborn baby, love Shanghai does not give any weight, a weight website how to win the love recognized by Shanghai, is undoubtedly set for all users of the service concept and the optimization of thinking, the author found that many stations in order to optimize and for example, optimization, pseudo original collection >

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second, the stable high quality content is the website for love Shanghai favorite meal. Baby after birth have a warm small home, not only home! Have to eat three meals a day! This is our new sites, just an empty line after the industry space station, is unable to attract attention and our search engine users! We have to feed the baby mentality to update the website to this time, baby food, daily feeding time to grasp, the amount of food considerations. Use the update site above all can learn to use, timing and quantitative for website update quality content, quality content in line with the theme of the site, to meet the current needs of users to a certain aspect, we must help our users to a certain extent, and the article should have the professional and original degree, a collection or pseudo original articles like killing is the main cause of the site, a site must be on the benign development of these bad practices at a distance.

, a new station on the line after there are many risk factors, especially for some novice new station on the line after the confusion and helplessness is indescribable, like a new born baby, parents are the powerful arms, while the station is our new parents, how to make the site more regular, is every Er Shanghai dragon dream and goal, good, today I and everyone for a new station on the line, how to make the site to the regularization direction and we are described and analyzed, with the good, we continued to enter today’s theme of gossip short.

We know that

server based, support the stability factors. A new station on the line after the stability of the server as our baby after birth of a warm nest, first ensure that the body will not be affected by the cold, the site is also a reasonable, stable server is the basis of spiders visit website, the new site in March before the love of Shanghai is most concerned about the time, how to make room to keep stable, let time spiders visit website smoothly, can not occur any downtime, this is must choose carefully and think of the Shanghai dragon Er, the server is the site of the camp, choose the regular manufacturers is very important, can experience consulting friends or this aspect of the Shanghai dragon Er, the server is the first choice of quality mark website development the.

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