One year Wangzhuan incessantly left with nothing whatsoever but unwilling to give up disguised myse

Oh, actually she resigned from where I was happy, after all that shit units not only earn less, because there is no preparation is excluded, finally all day and me. No, she doesn’t do it. She chose the wedding dress

has been working in the software industry, with less research on the internet. 09 years, I can’t feel so waste your youth, decided to choose an industry to study, election to election, the final selection of wangzhuan. The reason is simple – only the industry I am most familiar with and have a technical base.


from the Zhongguancun subway, my mobile phone in the map under the guidance of skeptical to walk; ten minutes later, I saw the distant Zhongguancun Venture Street plaque – the scene in front of me is a bit funny: tall Christ Church in Haidian. The building next to the church, "angel sinks" of the lamp box is very eye-catching. The mouth of the alley, with Entrepreneurship Avenue English Name: IN-NO-WAY.

, the alley was called the Haidian book city". In 2013, the Beijing municipal government began to promote the Haidian book city industrial upgrading, to build high-end business district ";" the street "since June 2014, business street in addition to nearly 40 venture capital institutions, is still littered with two books already left the city a deserted house bookstore, and not far side labeled" both product space and public space "a few words, space and scenery to the bookstore. The street circulating this kind of legend: I do not know how many people here is the Internet Co for having heard it many times of incubation, growth one of the most frequently mentioned by people, women’s menstrual care social applications "aunt Kitty".

I have a business plan in my shoulder bag. Next, I’ll pretend to be an entrepreneur here. Before that, I was going to create what the industry worry for several days; and when the discussion with colleagues with the kitchen and beauty function of history reading social APP "this position, I do understand why so we love: just talk business with others to talk about this" today in history "as the basis for the APP venture, completed the first self brainwashing; talk after I can not wait to Venture Street break a career, good for you to add some boring life in contemporary historical sense.

small IDC business struggling, difficult, difficult, I do not have enough time and energy, I feel helpless. Although the day after marriage is stable, but day after day to work for a person, always let me full of unwilling. But unexpectedly, eventually fell to my wife first broke out, her unit she has been a full of intrigue and intrigues of the institutions the sinister leadership derided some, resigned.

Before The beginning of the hard


Wangzhuan I think needless to say we all know. Collect all day, post, the effect seems to have been small. Gradually, without interest, the work was busy at that time, so the station remained there. Half neither dead nor alive. Later work and leisure, began to consider how the station and, after much deliberation, haven’t figured out what clue, during which suddenly warmed to IDC, in the repeated contradiction, spent 2500 to join a IDC agent. Just want to display some time, the company came again big project. So aground…… Three months after the end of the project, the company, and has already set a good wedding nature can not be changed, so it is nearly two months of busy. Everything settled down, I again want to engage in Wangzhuan, but found that they have not had the power. After a good adjustment, I want to start from scratch and hit the hit with the Ministry of information industry. In batches, the computer room was shut down, and a large number of personal stationmaster wanted to cry without tears. Because of my website forum, so it is the operator ordering for rectification…… In this way, I closed my website. As a result, the IDC industry began to reshuffle, and in the harsh environment, a large number of small IDC have closed down. My IDC and the domain name agent are also in a hopeless situation. I can’t afford all kinds of promotional ads. I need to go to work because of my work, so I don’t have enough energy. And I really don’t want to keep myself at work. I want to look for development. Tangled, tangled. During that time, I tried to use overseas space, but somehow, all the users of China Unicom could not visit my space overnight. I wasted more than 800 dollars.

then, so I went to the business street rash and too much in haste. The destination is the garage coffee – I heard it’s better for me

09 years in May to buy the first space database and domain name, and spent more than 400 to buy a set of development comprehensive portal place is perfect I know that piracy is very cheap, just as a developer, I want to respect another developer labor. After a brief modification, operation began three days later.

some of the core pieces extracted from my business plan

Abstract: more than seven points, the sun was very cold through the cafe business street. I do not know who the alarm woke up, two people sleeping on the sofa; they pulled out from the bag of toiletries, bleary eyed to the toilet.

but strictly speaking, I am not "camouflage" – I have my carefully crafted Keynote business plan book page illustrated, I want a good audience and function "interested in the history of young people", "think you are interested in history of young people", and "want to let others know you are interested in history of young people", is the lack of money, so I will go to the business street. Quite logical.

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