Love Shanghai Post Bar again showed Shanghai Longfeng opportunities

love to protect Kunming to Shanghai dragon doctor website >

Why do you think the

since 2012 628, more and more Shanghai dragon industry transformation, and optimize the work Shanghai Longfeng would need to spend a lot of time, so the Shanghai dragon seems to have abandoned most of the enterprises and individuals.

which explains what the problem is? "That waste too much, too little value". As the search engine of the entrance, since we can not provide a platform to provide quality content, so. So some of Shanghai’s natural love products occupy the search engine entrance. Then some friends say their products are certainly a good ranking, then doubt friends look at other search engine platform love Shanghai product rankings to talk again.

said that although Shanghai Longfeng practitioners may more that content is king, the chain for the emperor of this concept, some friends of a contemptuous disregard, but this sentence is really good. The key is to provide real value to users, the real number of original

love, guard Yuan Kun in the "love Shanghai" search engine quality white paper "found that as of May 2014, statistics show that in Shanghai massive web web search found in quality of" poor quality "accounted for 7.4%, up to 21%, more than the ordinary web 71.6%.

we found that more and more friends feel fall in love with the sea do not search the information they want, but when we do not understand love will still go to Shanghai to see if we encounter the search platform, related problem is how to solve.


fell in love with the sea not search the information you want? Because too many businesses and individuals have a strong demand for advertising, so in order to make their own brands and products to show on the Internet, show in the fall in love with the sea and not do anything, this directly led to the emergence of a lot of spam on the internet.

According to the statistical data of Shanghai

is to solve the above problems, we learned that the love of Shanghai is also in urgent need of a large number of high-quality content, but also hope that the user can get more valuable content in Shanghai love platform. This time as Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, our opportunity is coming.

it is because of too much junk content, the real quality of "too little, so the official platform to push their products, in order to better regulate the content, the platform itself has not produce a large number of high-quality content, so have to do some outsourcing measures. But for the audit mechanism of outsourcing is not so strict, resulting in part of the problem is understandable.

?In fact,

the two day everyone in the business concern love Shanghai Post Bar some Post Bar, for this part of the official denounce as even the problem of evil, and guard Yuan Kun saw more opportunities for Shanghai Longfeng workers more chance.

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