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In fact, even without the love of Shanghai

search engine will not disappear, but not unemployment in Shanghai dragon.

and Google and other search engines, or in the future of Internet users habits no longer use search engine, Shanghai dragon or a large number of needs, not just because Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai dragon, if simple is just to do with the flow of Shanghai Longfeng waste station is really no difference between what should be more; attention is ueo, attention to the user experience, how to retain visitors attention, attract repeat customers, is the site where the purpose of long-term operating profit; even if no search engine, a mature website is still require a lot of maintenance personnel to do the work of each site, to retain more once customers, and overall planning still should be by Shanghai dragon personnel to carry out, or correct to say that ueo staff, 100 visitors have 50 repeat 10 loyal users far more than 1000 visitors without a repeat is much better.

seems to be more pull more far, in fact, we want to express the meaning of only one, that is, in fact, everything is assumed, the future users will only become more dependent on search engine

the past myself into a flow to do Shanghai Longfeng cycle, make flow past desperately, from several hundred to several thousand to tens of thousands; but still no good conversion rate, PV and IP out of proportion, repeat is very small; then began to change the way of thinking, to focus in the above ueo, small to a small icon, to a banner, a frame position, carefully considering the user experience, the results of PV rise is very obvious, the user stickiness also significantly increase exponentially, focus on the user experience degree is king.

suddenly thought of a very interesting hypothesis, Shanghai dragon will be unemployed? Assuming one day in Shanghai, Google and other search engines are all closed, or when the users are no longer accustomed to using search engines; where is the Shanghai dragon Er way? How to transition?

In fact, the

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deliberated, Shanghai dragon transformation than two kinds, one is to continue to develop at the technical level, such as front-end technology, web development, because a considerable part of the Shanghai dragon Er people actually have very profound professional skills; another is in the website operation site management level of course, Shanghai, love even if Google did not disappear, this is the main direction of development of Shanghai dragon, because no one knows more than other personnel engaged in optimization work of the staff in their own website where every inch of the pixel and the visitor’s attention, where is the defect.

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