How to improve the site traffic and novice

1: first in some well-known blog to create a blog, specifically targeted on their own website published some of the original article, if you are not going to write original articles of words, you can write some false original article: first, modify the title; to do so is to avoid the search title. In addition can also include a very attractive impression of spider visitors. Second, the main body and the other together can write yourself a little something of itself, we can try to see what effect.

did some sites, but the collection is not so good, the love of Shanghai is not cold, not included. For the station, no love Shanghai that is on the dead, there is no hope, how let us love Shanghai included us?

4: increase Links, a little higher with PR, if you do not have these resources around, can buy a Admin5, not very expensive, if you understand a bit of Shanghai dragon, you will know this is a way to improve your website weight is the most favorable, this to you your website is of help, this will improve your ranking in Shanghai love it, don’t regret so pale.

2: increase the number of the chain, such as in Shanghai know their love and their answers to questions, good will answer questions, let people get the answer you want, it is important to add your own web site, click on your website so that people probability is high. This after my test is feasible, the love of Shanghai will be very good included in your website.

3: your site will do good to do reasonable links, each part of the link, let visitors feel good browsing, also search engine will feel good, the spider can very good capture link, which is conducive to pastebin.

, thank you!

5: you can also add some QQ exchange group, sometimes this is the role of a terrorist, will increase the flow is when you inadvertently.

above, may not have to, but you can learn from you, you must have saved is the webmaster to write original articles, to Admin5, Chinaz what, it can also increase the traffic to your site. The Huangshan Hotel A5 starting at www.happyhs贵族宝贝, please indicate the

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