Shanghai Dragon 3 user experience algorithm

new users click rate: the influence of the title of the website; website description; brand promotion effect.

The influencing factors of

3, click on Related words demand data

?The influencing factors of

Shanghai Dragon 3 user experience changes in the algorithm – the Internet search engine, with the changes of the website optimization method is to constantly change, Shanghai Dragon 3 era is the followers of Web3.0 development, it pays more attention to the user experience. So, for now love Shanghai and Google in the mainstream search engine user experience how the algorithm will be introduced?.

as some related words that soaring recent popular demand, such as search movies, still HD movies, free movies and other needs, these factors will is considered.

At present,

1, home and the first click rate data

Shanghai will love research products before three there is no authoritative website, such as: there is no love in Shanghai know (for Q & A, data query class), have 39 Health Network (for health), there is no donkey mother (for Tourism), there is no Ctrip (for class ticket). The phenomenon that the search for the users of the product still has some potential unmet needs.

the receipt data specific, which industry, which products and those words click rate, click on those low summarized to analyze.

2, the product demand hits data

first, will collect the specific data of

home page first if the click rate is very high, indicating that the current to the keywords ranking websites is in line with the user experience; and the home page click rate is also very high has fully proved the keywords ranking is consistent with the needs of users. Even the first home page click rate is very high but the page click rate is not the search engine to search all of the page click on the highest when the keywords ranking will face new focus on sorting, because the first hits sometimes even keywords is the highest, but not necessarily the highest home page search, the algorithm does not fully comply with the user experience.


understand the search engine user experience making algorithm process: collect data information: > specific feedback – > > analysis; take measures and formulate the algorithm.

were analyzed and summarized

second, specific information feedback

will be the second step to analysis the information receipt summary, analysis of the reasons that the click rate is low, what are the popular demand analysis, the new demand, those >

old users click rate: Web application characteristics; website promotion; Web content value; the website itself provides selective demand.


(1) that is what affects the click rate of

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