City supply and marketing cooperatives in the whole system to actively carry out two warm activities

recently, the municipal supply and marketing cooperatives Party committee in accordance with the requirements of the municipal government, in the full system to carry out the two sections during the warm activities. A city is positive to the superior trade union association of trade unions affiliated enterprises reflect the difficulties workers, strive for a higher level of trade unions help and support for helping capital 23000 yuan, the condolences of the 1 enterprises and the difficulties of the 3 workers in difficulty and the superior trade union together; two is the union leaders personally visited the city union authorities of retired workers 8 to send, retired cadres and workers condolences gold 5200 yuan; the three is for the union of Xiang Da Lu Cun village helping Huangyuan County Shen sent 3 tons of flour, 1000 yuan relief funds. The four is under the requirements of enterprises according to the actual situation, the dedication of love, life is difficult to solve the poor workers, retired members and cadres sent condolence payments 3000 yuan, to send them to the care; five is part of the union leadership and condolences to enterprises and employees on gossip, understand their practical difficulties, for the enterprise give advice and suggestions for the survival and development, be strong support in the pre project fee, to an enterprise support project costs 50 thousand yuan, and actively help enterprises poverty alleviation projects.

  in the warmth of the activities, the units seriously organize the implementation, and actively raise funds,  , the main leaders of the association with their own team, visit condolences to my club workers, old party members, old workers. Visit, publicize the spirit of the provincial government document No. 100, supply and marketing cooperatives preaching "12th Five-Year" planning and direction of future development, are sent to the warmth of the party at the same time, encouraging employees to make contributions to the development of supply and marketing cooperatives, the masses of workers by encouraging, said hard work in the future, with excellent performance for the care of the party.


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