Municipal Propaganda Department to 12345 to promote practical activities

in the party’s mass line of educational practice, the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department in earnest to complete the "provisions of action" at the same time, to contact the business work highlights, combined with the theme of grasping characteristics, active and innovative "zixuandongzuo", with "12345" carrier promote educational practice depth.

around the party members and cadres to further improve the ideological and political work, further change the style of the party, the party and the masses closer relationship, the image of the propaganda department to further establish a goal. Organization "two discussions". Organize "who am I, to whom, who rely on" big discussion, the party members and cadres in the tradition and the reality of the comparison, in the thinking of obligations and responsibilities in raising awareness, remember the color, change the style, identify the target direction, and always maintain close ties with the masses of the people. Organizations to carry out a new era of qualified cadres, big discussion, enhance the sense of urgency, and strive to improve the promotion of a new era of qualified publicity cadres consciousness. Improve the three system, in-depth grassroots research visits system, direct contact with the masses of the service system and internal management system. Organization "four studies", study the party constitution, study theory, learn advanced, study business.

at the same time, to carry out the five action". Theory into grassroots action. From April to September, to carry out a hundred Chinese dream and the socialist core values theory preaching activities to guide the city’s cadres and the masses to concentrate energy to achieve the goal of the city of happiness city life. Journalists into grassroots action. From May to September, organized hundreds of reporters to go grassroots news activities, encourage editors and reporters in-depth reform of construction frontier, the masses living and production line, mining practical material, written field reports, positive energy transfer, a good voice, continue to enhance the actual effect of publicity. Literary activities into grassroots action. From April to August, to carry out a wide range of "three to the countryside", "send joy grassroots" and "big stage people" activities, organize the majority of the city’s artists into the rural areas, communities, enterprises and other places, to carry out a hundred performances, send 100 movies in the countryside, to bring joy to the grassroots masses. Voluntary service action. April to October, one after another to carry out the construction of ecological civilization, to create a green home round of large-scale public welfare tree planting activities, clean city, you and I action volunteer service activities. Construction of public information service platform. In "xiadou Xining" official micro-blog as a leader, to promote the county departments and the official opening of micro-blog, the first half of the construction time of the Xining government hall chief micro-blog group.


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