On the responsibility of success

On the responsibility of leadership, 8 environmental construction group and 7 steering group to the field office, command line, and establish and improve the work system of regular meetings, the team leader must Qinliqinwei, the real thing, dare to tackle tough problems, survey control system a check problem, a piece of implement, ensure everything one tube, each piece is caught, do not stay dead, leaving a blank, leaving no blind spots; rely on the territorial responsibility, all localities and departments should earnestly assume leadership responsibility, the responsibility of the organization, management responsibility, coordination responsibilities, selves, responsible for defending their territories, do not push, do not drag, unequal, do not rely on, unified command the scheduling area of various units and departments to carry out the work; rely on real supervision and responsibility, the municipal Party committee and government supervision departments to timely feedback, supervision, inspection found problems, the first time to notify the relevant units and responsible person, now Field office, Li said Li line, local solutions, discipline inspection and supervision departments to start accountability for the working poor, buck passing, slow progress, to seriously pursue the relevant responsibility and leadership responsibilities.

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