17 billion yuan project in Xining flower a key

billion project is a strong impetus to Xining city construction and development, by the end of July this year, more than 17 billion yuan of investment projects in Xining "flower", this batch of billion project investment promoted.

in recent years, a busy site, a production line, in the land of Xining, the most vividly written four words – to catch up across. The reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of statistics, as of the end of July, billion yuan investment in our city construction reached 175, completed investment reached 26 billion 36 million yuan, accounting for 51.79% of the total social investment. Among them, the total planned investment of more than 1 billion yuan in large projects have been completed, the investment of $15 billion 855 million, accounting for 30 of the whole society to complete the investment of $31.54%. At present, plans to invest more than 10 billion 200 million yuan in Xining South Ring Road project, a total investment of 36 billion 200 million yuan in the beauty of Qinghai coal Limited by Share Ltd coal deep processing demonstration projects, a total investment of 15 billion yuan in Qinghai the Yellow River hydropower development company Qinghai branch of the new energy construction projects, a total investment of more than 8 billion 200 million yuan of the Xining Railway Station station project, plans to invest 6 billion 800 million yuan to the Xining Railway Station comprehensive renovation project implementation smoothly. The successful implementation of a number of key industries, new energy and new materials, key cities and other projects, effectively promote the transformation and upgrading of the industrial sector, the city’s economic and social development has injected vitality and stamina. (author: small words)

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