Remember how to join Guo barbecue business

Northeast China is a more geographical features of the local people in the eyes of the northeast is the kind of forthright, rough character, of course, in addition to people, as well as food is also very unique, such as barbecue. Guo remember a representative brand is the Northeast barbecue barbecue, barbecue in Jilin Province, Guo Guo Ji Kee Restaurant Management Limited Brands, the first store began in July 2009, the company adhering to the "down-to-earth, diligent work, God helps those who help themselves, a sense of life" business philosophy, committed to reform, practical and enterprising, the company’s operating scale is to expand, increasing the number of personnel. Jilin provincial food and Beverage Management Co., Ltd. Kwok Kwok Kwok Kwok Kwok Kee existing more than and 40 barbecue shop, and this year a new project to join, called Chuncheon impression. The existing 1 impression stores in Chuncheon, the store is located in the northeast region, East China’s second tier cities bustling shopping district, bustling streets. A lot of people want to join this brand, below to give you a brief introduction to the process of Guo Ji barbecue.

Guo Ji barbecue how to join?

join process is as follows:

(a) catering store location

main consideration is the location of the food and beverage store location, the status of nearby competitors, the surrounding environment directly affect the operation of food and beverage stores. Shopping district surrounding the restaurant business conditions have a decisive impact on food and beverage stores.

generally, the probability of success in the following places to open restaurant stores will be greater:

1. large shopping malls

2. high-grade office and bank financial institutions

3. upscale hotel intensive area

4. upscale residential

5. public facilities (schools, hospitals, etc.)

(two) housing and ancillary facilities survey

The location of the

1. store, the store is best located in the arc shaped intersection, intersection or L shaped intersection can make the maximum perception of the existence of the restaurant.

2. area, parking spaces and internal requirements of the housing, the headquarters of the store area requirements in more than 200 square meters.

3. indoor height of 4 meters as the best, outdoor must have spacious, suitable for the decoration of the signs and advertising hanging points.

4. if the election in the two or above floor, it is recommended that the first floor of the facade, or have a clear and easy access to the elevator.

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