2017 the first Shenzhen Belt and Road nitiative nternational Music Festival held successy Ne

you know, music without borders, so in the hearts of the people, with music, people can feel the value of music, recently held in Shenzhen Belt and Road Initiative International Music Festival, this makes many of the exchange of music, brings great convenience to people’s life, to be recognized by people.


Music Season" sponsored by the Shenzhen municipal government jointly hosted the Chinese Musicians Association, Tourism Bureau of Shenzhen city Shenzhen Foreign Cultural Exchange Association, Shenzhen international exhibition performance Exchange Association executive, and from Germany, Mexico, Angola, Russia, Spain, Poland and other six countries Consulate General in Guangzhou economic and trade office and the government of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region in Guangdong support.

Shenzhen is located in the forefront of reform and opening up, the development of science and technology China, occupy the land silk road sea combined with our point of geopolitical dominance, the Shenzhen municipal government to respond positively to the national initiative, the founder of "Music Season" to international standards, Shenzhen y implement the national "The Belt and Road" development initiative, an innovation and try in the field of literature and art, is a combination of local characteristics and advantages of the "Shenzhen express", with music as a bridge, connecting feelings and friendship sea along the Silk Road of the people.

in the eyes of the majority of the people of Shenzhen, organizing the relevant departments in Shenzhen City, The Belt and Road International Music Festival, so that people can enjoy the unique connotation of music, more likely to be the general public to accept. It will be a showcase of "friendship copolymerization between civilizations The Belt and Road" countries along the intersection, cultural exchanges, art and music transfer.

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