We need a smile Telephone

phones can now be said to have become a part of our daily lives, the daily call has become a very common thing. Do we answer the phone with a smile or a bad temper? Each person’s attitude may be different. Recently, the author took part in the activities of a supply company, as a result of the need to confirm the event, the organizers provided a person in charge of the phone number.

"Oh, what you said I know. Hey, how do you know my phone? Who gave it to you? I know, I know……"

holding the phone, I can imagine each other, squinting frown, thinking to look, it could have been a stranger no ground for blame. However, the person in charge of a few words and vague, completely a polite, friendly and impatience. Let a person feel a lump in the throat out. Organizers spend manpower, material and financial resources, want to establish the image to expand the impact of the results? The result is that through the last minute of the telephone exchange, so that I am interested in participating in the disappeared, I do not want to contact the relevant matters.

imagine, if the author is a customer, you can determine the other side of the loss of the customer. Although the other side of the service or goods to meet the requirements, but the difference between the fire resistance and poor attitude of the offensive, the author will choose to bypass at a distance.

transposition thinking, as businessmen, we received a phone call should be what kind of attitude?

remind colleagues must smile to answer the phone. And first of all, to be patient to listen to the demands, only to understand the specific situation, in order to better solve the problem; then, we should sincerely relieve customer doubts, pay special attention to the attitude, mood, etc. to grasp, so as not to provoke discontent; finally, must clearly inform the other opinions.

sometimes, we can’t give a yes or no, good or bad answer, but we have to give a category, a deadline. For example, you can say: "I immediately understand the situation, this time tomorrow to give you a definite answer, do you like it?" In this way, the customer through the dip, comfort, get a certain buffer in the mood, as long as we improve the follow-up commitment, not only will not offend the customer, and may seek to repeat.

people are like a precision instrument, you smile to answer the phone when the breath, state, and even your thinking, can be communicated to the same as the precision instrument. From a physiological point of view, laughter can make the lungs expand, the amount of breathing, blood circulation speed up; from a practical point of view, laughter can enhance affinity, inclusive, relieve tension.

do not answer the phone will not meet, whether or not a smile

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