This small business franchise Ortiz lighting

good choice of lighting, is the first step in our quality of life. Ortiz lighting, all to create quality of life. The choice of business to join Ortiz lighting project, undoubtedly, is very has the advantage of choice. If you join the lighting project of Ortiz is very interested in, right up to my advice!


broad market achievements of high quality and inexpensive Ortiz

Ortiz lighting for homegrown, strict implementation of quality assurance system at the same time, to establish a large logistics distribution system, through the price, left to the middle part of the retail price, and low into a few. Ortiz lighting products prices were ten yuan to several hundred dollars, even lower than similar products 1–2 fold. To reduce the overall price to a new low, Otis headquarters to improve the use of technology and reasonable allocation of resources continue to reduce costs, and strive to consumers can use the right or even low price for high quality life. Ortiz and lighting products have high, medium and low-grade products and complete system, and achieve real-time update products, let the customer enjoy the lowest market price at the same time, to meet the different levels of the individual consumer demand, stimulate the public desire to buy, with strong market competitiveness.

Ortiz lighting creative world style gorgeous interpretation

Ortiz lighting in the production process design, integrate and absorb the concept of creative mix, breaking the usual product classification method, flexible and meticulous, fit human real mix highlight personality and taste! With solid wood frame sheepskin lamp, the classic leisurely temperament show; metal and crystal collision, Baroque style gorgeous interpretation. Different styles of home lighting to show the owner of different life quality and inner personality. Ortiz lighting design works boldly into a variety of world pop elements, from classical, fashion, modern, European and other kinds of creative design style Ortiz lighting products, each one is the combination of aesthetic concepts, elements of fashion, energy saving and environmental protection as one of the exquisite works of art.

Ortiz lighting convenient one-stop shopping consumption time-saving worry

on the market a lot of new lighting shop, product grade is not much, the style is simple, prompting consumers have to run this home run, not easy to disperse the consumption. Ortiz lighting changed the shopping pattern, relying on the powerful headquarters Ortiz lighting supply advantages, product quality, variety complete, creative, flexible and diverse mix, a superb collection of beautiful things products to make consumers more choice, more popular. And synchronize the opening of the site, through e-commerce platform for online ordering, purchase, door-to-door service.

open their own Ortiz lighting stores, undoubtedly, is very has the advantage of choice. Business with a small capital entrepreneur, entrepreneurial primary election.

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