Who said the couple to fly their Changsha extraordinary couple practicing Zhenshanmei

in the high divorce rate of the moment, a lot of people have a "couple are birds of the same, to fly" idea, but in Hunan Changsha, there is such a trouble of ordinary couples but to each other, his wife Xie Fang was elected "courageous man" in 2012, her husband Xie Haihua in 2016 comment on "filial piety is always good". A pair of husband and wife, two "good people in China", they used the action to practice the "truth, goodness and beauty".

early in the morning, in the four Changsha city hospital ward, Xie Haihua as usual to his wife Xie Fang wash, brush, comb, turn over, because just had a total gastrectomy, Xie Fang can only drink liquids, Xie Haihua carey to give her a little Straw feed milk, a feed, then gently with a tissue to his wife in the mouth clean.

they want to go back to 28 years ago, in 1988, the Changsha girl Xie Dou Dou fighting criminals in the body of the knife, muscle atrophy limbs, completely lost the ability to walk 9. At that time, Xie Haihua had just returned home, just came back from the army, he had the responsibility of the soldiers, to hear the deeds of Xie Fang, very touched, he said he must go to see the brave girl. At this sight, two people fall in love at first sight. Although Xie Fang courageous and limb disability, but in October 1988, she was determined to marry her door in. A year later, the son was born.

Xie Fang after suffering from muscular dystrophy in the birth of his son, hand and foot ligaments and muscles began to shrink, and soon paralyzed in bed, life can not take care of themselves. This man has never done housework, slowly learned to clean the laundry, cooking, soup boil medicine, for his wife’s hair, massage, wash end feces urine……

16 December, Xie Fang found the gastric carcinoid was admitted to the hospital, Xie Haihua care as usual, let the nurses are moved, the four hospital of Changsha Department of general surgery nurse Xia Dan: "very patient, really to take care of a child, but she did not care very much, a little the complaint, meticulous, whether psychological or physical or relief measures, are doing very place, for every part of him, every uncomfortable reaction, he is very understand. Two people have been fused together, this is the most touching place. It’s a very important moral lesson for our young generation."

wife sick in bed, his son was young, Xie Haihua can only keep 3 people to 3 acres of land, occasionally to the vicinity of odd jobs, pick brick road, subsidized home. Because Xie Hai HUAWEI people sincerely, hard-working villagers are eager to recommend him to go home with the guard, Xie Haihua in addition to stick to their homes for the elderly, but also opened a personal obligation barber shop, barber friends free of charge for residents, led the old man would walk, with a heart of Thanksgiving we return. Xie Haihua said, 28 years, there are still difficulties, bitter is bitter, never thought of giving up, since walking together recommend

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