Duorenduo roast highlights the to join pig’s trotters

in today’s society, pig’s trotters loved delicious let chowhound in many brands, pig’s trotters, Duorenduo pig’s trotters of concern in the market, as a unique flavor, delicacy, Duorenduo pig’s trotters so many people like it, lead a person to endless aftertastes, Duorenduo pig’s trotters to join? Many entrepreneurs are in the official website of Duorenduo pig’s trotters advisory message.

now, Duorenduo pig’s trotters unique production technology and unique inimitable taste, face market. Duorenduo pig’s trotters: Ka Mi, fresh aroma, taste pickled and salted taste four flavors to meet the needs of different groups of people, at the same time with chicken, duck, goose, etc. 20 several classic varieties sold together. Products only delicious delicious to allow customers to buy back again. "Fat – tender" production process Duorenduo pig’s trotters unique is a great invention of cooking technology to fill the blank! Catering technology, others can not imitate. Duorenduo pig’s trotters unique "sweet taste and" overflowing crisp "and" tender "and" bone crisp taste for women and children and lead a person to endless aftertastes, suitable for all people. Just try again, never forget, survey: Duorenduo pig’s trotters customers come back rate as high as 92.7%


Duorenduo pig’s trotters market success stems from its unique taste and characteristics as well as out of the ordinary profit model, which has 3 channels: first, the money store sales money, a 10 square meters of shops, opened less than 7 days, turnover amounted to 3000 yuan per day, the net profit of up to 1500 yuan. Second, the hotel distribution to make money, to do the Duorenduo pig’s trotters products directly to the hotel, let the customer directly, now the hotel sales and store sales accounted for half of the. Third, wholesale to other Lucai store sales, pig’s trotters belongs to bulk products, each Lucai shop can sell, but ordinary Lucai shop made the taste, a lot of Lucai store from us wholesale Duorenduo pig’s trotters to their own store to sell! In short, invest in a franchise projects a year Duorenduo pig’s trotters normally earn at least 300 thousand


As the popularity of

delicious, Duorenduo pig’s trotters to create the characteristics of excellent taste, so that consumers continue to praise, let entrepreneurs see opportunities to join Duorenduo pig’s trotters.

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