Fujian Free Trade Zone multiple technology into Xiamen and the country’s first

Fujian free trade zone construction, related to everyone, to bring more help. Fujian free trade area to attract people’s attention. Fujian FTA test area of the ninth batch of 35 initiatives to assess the results released. Among them, Fujian FTA test area Pingtan area accounted for 8, in which there are 2 items were awarded the national initiative.

previously commissioned by the Fujian Provincial Office of KPMG business consulting (China) Co., Ltd. Fujian FTA test area of Pingtan, Fuzhou, Xiamen and three units of the province to submit innovative measures to assess the unit. In the 9 initiatives in the country, Pingtan has 2, specifically: cross-strait cooperation in community management services model; Taiwan strait shipping meteorological conditions grade local standards.

in the 15 replication expansion initiatives, Pingtan occupy 2, specifically: the level of recognition of Taiwan doctors; Taiwanese construction industry qualification approach.

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11 initiative, Pingtan took the lead in the implementation of 4, specifically: bidding agency dynamic reputation evaluation mechanism; a new mechanism that the Taiwan high level talents; cross-strait insurance "innovation center"; on both sides of the entry-exit personnel "barrier free, zero wait for clearance.

in Fujian Free Trade Zone, in recent years has made more progress, won the praise of people. Fujian, an important geographical location, and Taiwan seafood across the sea, its development is related to the development of Taiwan. It is understood that, as of now, Pingtan area has launched a total of 9 batches of 103 innovative initiatives, including the country’s first of all, to play a leading role in the demonstration of institutional innovation in.

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