Barbecue Han Di yuan can give investors what support the whole

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catering transformation after the health and nutrition quality elements are integrated into various catering brand investment projects, even if it is ever considered the roadside barbecue, now through the transformation has become the hearts of the people by one of my favorite food consumer goods.

in recent years, the development of barbecue industry is very popular, attracting more and more attention to the investment, Han Di yuan has become a hot investment in the meat industry, many brands, Han Di yuan barbecue is particularly popular. How to join Han Di yuan barbecue cost how much? As the barbecue industry leading brands, Han Di yuan barbecue was founded in 1999, belongs to the Fushun Han Di yuan Catering Management Co., Ltd. brand, mainly engaged in selling barbecue. So what is the support of the brand?

Han Di yuan barbecue franchise support as follows:

site support:

headquarters according to the requirements of the franchisee of the store location strategy analysis. To join the business has chosen to carry out the evaluation of the audit shop, after the headquarters of the assessment can be determined. No stores for the franchisee, the headquarters of the site to send experts to site selection.

operations support:

according to the actual situation of the franchisee of the corresponding management training courses, tailored to develop management programs.

decoration support:

headquarters to join the body to discuss the renovation program. Let franchisees spend the least money to build the most decent store

store support:

join to determine all the goods have been delivered by the headquarters in place. Headquarters to provide senior store experts to help store normal operation and opening activities and marketing activities planning

market maintenance:

After the opening of the

franchise, the headquarters of the franchise stores regularly conduct business inspections and business guidance services.

technical support:

franchisee in the headquarters of the system of technical training, proficiency in all production processes and audit.

after sales service:

The headquarters of the

in different regions in different seasons and regularly updated two dishes, unified training, ensure the franchise market Yongli peak.


above is the Han Di yuan joined in support of the barbecue, I believe that through the introduction above, you have to grill Han Di yuan have a good impression, if you want to know this brand or say you >

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