Lotus Ends CO Run With A Bang, Invites Gabe Otto For Original Tune & Talking Heads Cover [Photo/Video]

first_imgOn Saturday night, Lotus finished off their annual winter Colorado run with a performance at Denver’s Fillmore Auditorium. Following two fiery nights at the intimate Belly Up in Aspen, the five-piece jamtronica act was dialed-in for the performance, offering up a mix of old-school tunes, tracks from their newer releases, and well-developed jams throughout. Notably, during the second set, the band invited out past collaborator and vocalist Gabe Otto for a take on Talking Heads’ “Burning Down The House” and original tune “Eats The Light” off their similarly named 2016 album.Following a performance by Marvel Years, Lotus took the stage around 9:15, leaving plenty of space for the band’s two-set show ahead of the venue’s strict 1 a.m. curfew. With an entrance line winding more than a block as Lotus’ set began, fans slowly trickled in (pro-tip: when the entrance line is long at the Fillmore, the venue frequently opens a second entrance on the east-facing alley), and the room significantly filled out during the first few songs of the night.“Grayrigg”, a tune off the band’s 2009 duel EP release Oil On Glass/Feather On Wood, served as the band’s show opener, marking a melodic start to the show before the song built to its grittier climax. Build‘s funky and sample-heavy “Middle Road” came next, and Lotus used the tune as a launch pad for an extended, high-octane jam. “Destroyer” offered a slow build to its peak, with the tune’s ambient beginnings becoming increasingly propulsive as it unfolded.After a quick word of welcome from Luke Miller and an apology that he was fighting a cold, Lotus launched into their cover of Tom Misch’s “ClapClapClap”. The laidback tune featured heavy bass from Jesse Miller and a slinky guitar riff from Mike Rempel, though it was the percussion section of Chuck Morris and Mike Greenfield who shined during the song’s jam. The drummers led the band in moving the song to a more bouncy and ebullient tone, with the jam beginning to gallop as the transition led into fan favorite “Shimmer And Out”.An old-school classic, “Shimmer And Out”, was the first set’s peak, with the crowd super responsive as the feel-good tune hit its resounding climax. Closing things out, Lotus offered up a “Bellwether” sandwich housing “Sift”. Compared to the distinctly joyful tone of “Shimmer And Out”, Hammerstrike‘s “Bellwether” was grittier and darker and featured Luke offering up effect-heavy vocals. A percussive and extended outro jam served as a rumbling transition into the well-loved older track “Sift”. More funk-oriented and featuring dynamic interplay between Rempel and Jesse, “Sift” was a glorious interlude before the band returned to “Bellwether”, marking an energetic close to the set.For set two, Lotus came out swinging with the infectious grooves of “Cold Facts”, a relatively new song that the band debuted in Boston in early 2016. Drawing on mid-70’s funk, the tune saw vocal ornamentations by Luke and a prominent bass line from Jesse. Next up, the band welcomed vocalist Gabe Otto for Talking Heads’ “Burning Down The House”, a cover the group has only played once before when they debuted it in Richmond, Virginia, in October of last year. A synthy jam during the Talking Heads tune offered Rempel the chance to come forward, unleashing a spirited guitar solo. Otto, who the band tapped for their 2014 “Talking Heads Deconstructed” set at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, stuck around for a crowd-pleasing and jammed-out rendition of “Eats The Light”, his collaboration with Lotus off their newest album, Eat The Light. Most notably, during the jam within “Eats The Light”, the group heavily riffed on the gorgeous tune “Marisol” off Oil On Glass/Feather On Wood, and the contrast between the vibes of the two songs took the performance to the next level.“Eats The Light”, “Livingston Storm”, “Behind Midwest Storefronts” [Video: Joel Thompson]After Otto departed from the stage, the band offered up the melodic classic tune “Livingston STorm” off Nomad. A shift in tone following the sit-in that preceded it, the song’s groovy and mellow tone eventually made way for a high-energy and forward-moving jam. Hammerstrike‘s fan-favorite tune, “Behind Midwest Storefronts”, came next, with its placement in the middle of the set surprising many. Almost like a breather, the soulful song served as a way to decompress and slow down before the band launched into their closing combination of “Plant Your Root” into “Jump Off”, both tunes off Nomad.“Plant Your Root” offered effervescent guitar riffs and accelerated drum beats ahead of the song’s dramatic slow down to a more ambient jam. The more spacious jam eventually dissipated, picking up right where the group left off at the song’s peak before a more discordant section during which the keys stood out. The extended transition into “Jump Off” was well played, making Lotus’ landing into their final song of set two all the more triumphant. The cascading and crisp guitar aided the song’s gradual transition to a more fast-paced and energized set closer.For their encore, Lotus first offered up “Bug Love”, which the band debuted at their own music festival, Summerdance, in 2017. The jazzy tune, which the group coincidentally played a few nights prior during their run at the Belly Up, eventually made way for “Hammerstrike”, the title track off their 2008 album. A shreddy end to the show, the thumping tune was a perfect way to cap off the night.Lotus continues their ongoing tour with a performance in Kansas City, MO tonight marking their first time back in the city since Dancefestopia back in 2013. For a full list of upcoming Lotus dates, head to the band’s website.You can check out a gallery of photos from the performance courtesy of photographer Andrew Rios below.Setlist: Lotus | Fillmore Auditorium | Denver, CO | 2/24/2018Set One: Grayrigg, Middle Road, Destroyer, ClapClapClap > Shimmer and Out, Bellwether > Sift > BellwetherSet Two: Cold Facts, Burning Down The House*, Eats The Light*, Livingston Storm, Behind Midwest Storefronts, Plant Your Root > Jump OffEncore: Bug Love, Hammerstrike*With vocalist Gabe OttoLotus | Fillmore Auditorium | Denver, CO | 2/24/18 | Photos: Andrew Rios Photo: Andrew Rios Photo: Andrew Rios Photo: Andrew Rios Load remaining imageslast_img

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