Somebody Is Selling Actual Baker’s Dozen Donuts Encased In Plastic For Hundreds Each On Ebay

first_imgAs the seller explains the strange piece of memorabilia in their Ebay post (which, surprisingly, comes with what appear to be actual photos of them, because this is somehow actually a thing): “The Donut was immediately frozen, then freeze dried. Treated with color preservatives and clear vinyl compound then set in a polyester plastic compound. Total of 4 week process. The majority of these donuts were eaten immediately. This is a very rare piece and will last… forever.”Still not exactly sure how we feel about this one. It’s definitely super weird, but also kinda cool? Either way, we’re pretty sure that some crazy enthusiastic Phish fan is gonna end up buying at least one of them. People are strange…don’t think too much about it.[h/t – SPIN] Phish fans loved the Baker’s Dozen. They loved the themed setlists, and the no repeats and, of course, they loved the donuts. As we all know, Phish gave away a different flavor of donut to the early arrivers at each of their 13 performances at Madison Square Garden, and then catered that evening’s setlist to reference the donut du jour.Watch Phish Debut “Sunshine Of Your Feeling,” The Boston/Cream Combo That Inspired The Baker’s DozenThose who attended the Baker’s Dozen know how rare and coveted these official pastries were each night. And a lot of people didn’t end up getting one. That’s just how it goes. But one fan apparently really loved the Baker’s Dozen donuts, so much so that they went to great lengths to procure and preserve them, and are now selling them for a pretty penny online.According to a new set of posts on Ebay, user mstrjollo is selling actual Baker’s Dozen donuts encased in a plastic see-through shadow-box complete with engraved plinths bearing the date and “flavor” of the show–for hundreds of dollars.last_img

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