New Orleans Musicians Are Organizing A Musical Parade In Protest Of A Donald Trump Rally

first_imgWhen presidential hopeful Donald Trump visits New Orleans, LA this Friday, March 4th, he’ll have some very loud company. A new group, calling themselves Trumpets Trump Drumpf, are planning a second line parade to correspond with the Trump rally at Landmark Aviation tomorrow afternoon.The name is a reference to a recent clip aired on Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, where the host points out that Donald Trump’s family changed their name to Drumpf. If you haven’t watched this top-notch piece of journalism from Oliver, tune in below:“We as musicians feel Donald Trump is the ultimate salesman,” says saxophonist Quay Frazier in an interview with OffBeat. “We refuse to be sold blanket statements and lies. People are angry because their wages have not risen in a generation, and they’re looking for a way out. Donald Trump is trying to capture this anger by putting the blame on Mexicans, Muslims, African-Americans, etc, but America is about love and was built by people of all shades and colors. Our music does not discriminate. Our mission is to trump Drumpf with trumpets, to overpower his hate speech with music of love. Let’s show him how it’s done!”More about the second line can be found here. Louisiana primaries are held this Saturday, March 5th, so be sure to get out and vote![H/T OffBeat]last_img

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