The ten cross stitch brand ranking

cross stitch believe that a lot of people are very familiar with, and now many people on the wall also have such decorations. From the beginning in a very simple key buckle, small ornaments, to paintings and beautiful pillow murals even today, cross stitch has been developed rapidly in our country. In recent years, emerging from the various cross stitch brands have launched a distinctive brand package, is to let the majority of friends embroidered hualiaoyan. So, what is the best brand of cross stitch? With this question, we look at the cross stitch ten brands list.

cross stitch ten brand list NO1-QS cross stitch

QS stitch line is the best among the multi cross stitch brand, is the strength of the manufacturers. Price is definitely the first cross stitch industry. Is the mid-range price to buy high-grade quality.

cross stitch ten brand list NO2-DMC cross stitch

as a more famous cross stitch brand, in the embroidery line and embroidered cloth are cross stitch industry model, but its high price so many people flinch. High quality high-end price.

cross stitch ten brand list NO3-KS cross stitch

quality is relatively stable, production in Guangdong, the price is a bit expensive, but things or equivalent. Is the company’s management is not standardized.

cross stitch ten brand list NO4-CMC and KEC cross stitch

put them in parallel because the quality and price of the two are more or less the same.

cross stitch ten brand list NO5- Monalisa cross stitch


Monalisa cross stitch has been the industry leader, but in recent years due to the management system, causes the entire operating mode changes, also have an impact on the quality of its products, and the of counterfeit goods, affects its ranking.

cross stitch ten cross stitch brand ranking NO6-


quality is very good, the design is relatively new, but compared with other major brands of cross stitch, there are still many deficiencies.

cross stitch ten brand list NO7- Sidiqi cross stitch


wiring, package quality and more CMC, KEC almost, but the price is very high, the whole of.

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