Massage shop how to location

massage service in the current fear is subject to the needs of countless people, after all, because of various factors, the body is in a state of sub-health very much. Anyway, now the era of society, in an increasingly fast pace, especially in the city life and the work of the white-collar workers, the daily reinforced cement through the crowded car, traffic jam, endure pain, long time sitting in front of the computer.

caused a lot of physical is not suitable for mental diseases, such as cervical pain, lumbar disc herniation, leg pain, obesity and other diseases, as well as the computer radiation caused by the head and eye disease, of course, also has high working pressure, caused by mental illness, this is the legendary "white-collar" disease the.

and now we have improved the standard of living, spare time to enjoy the massage and health care, not only to relax, but also to resist disease, relieve stress. For this reason, now look forward to the high-end massage health care centers, community massage and physiotherapy center, the district’s massage treatment centers and small blind massage parlors, etc..

but do not look at so many massage parlors, not every massage shop can make money, and some even losses. The reason why many of the reasons, some people have no business experience, just to see people open massage parlors can make money without doing market research under the condition of blind action, a loss is also reasonable.

but more reason is because the site did not do a good job, there is no a reasonable scientific method and basis for the location of the blind shop, business did not quickly find the target customer base. A good location, a massage shop is half the success, not too much.

massage shop is a place for leisure health lovers frequented, then how to massage shop location?

shop location is a very important part, only choose a good location, career development and growth as soon as possible. Location before doing a market survey, including: geographic location, how does the rent within the scope of the bear, is a residential area, the population is about whether there is the same number of massage parlors and so on, around.

around a small massage store at least if a population of 30 thousand quarters, more spacious streets, heavy traffic places better business.

and you choose the address must have relatively high consumption capacity crowd, living on, living in the middle level, above the culture medium, the best choice in management, business, education and other work of the majority of people! If you choose the address in the slums, even if a lot of people, they will not spend money to enjoy this.

as there is no massage around, but also to recommend

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