2016 deployment of economic development in the fourth quarter of Hefei

Hefei as the capital city of Anhui, with the continuous development of the economy has made a series of significant progress, become a more developed modern city, in the city’s comprehensive strength has been significantly enhanced. The day before, park economic operation analysis will be held in Hefei circular economy demonstration park organization, for the first three quarters of the economic operation of the park inventory, summary, and arrangements for the fourth quarter economic development work.

In recent years,

face downward pressure on the economy, industry, region and enterprise development to the grim situation of differentiation, the whole park on the initiative as the difficulties, the grand goal of the park to speed up the pace of transformation and upgrading and construction of "rich meiqiang" modern eastern Metro combined, since this year, the main economic index to maintain rapid growth, some economic indicators have been completed throughout the year ahead of expectations, the completion rate continued in the target class unit forefront, the economy showed a good momentum of steady, lay a good foundation for the successful completion of the annual expected.

meeting the requirements of the whole park next to the park to further strengthen confidence, "during the 13th Five-Year development plan" to guide, insist the beginning of the development of the annual work plan and annual target, comprehensive combing the work and targets, strengthen the monitoring and analysis, find out the weak link, the implementation of precision scheduling, all the annual the expected goal.

meeting pointed out that the current investment and help enterprises continue to maintain economic growth is still an effective measure to maintain sustained and stable development. Park on the one hand to focus on the industrial investment platform has been set up, and then lift a new upsurge of investment, please come in, go out, while speeding up the pace of implementation of the contract project. On the other hand, for the enterprises to increase the intensity of services, identify the adverse factors restricting the development of enterprises, the implementation of one policy, precise helping, encourage enterprises to increase their investment, to further extend the industrial chain, quality and efficiency, help enterprises bigger and stronger, growing economy, enhance the quality.

2016 has come to an end, but our work is still carried out in an orderly manner, and hope to be able to complete the relevant developments in the fourth quarter. At the meeting stressed that there are still more than two months from the end of the time, the task is arduous, to integrate all aspects of strength, co-ordination of all aspects of resources, self pressurized, struggling. In the project to grasp the contract, signed the project started, the project started to be completed, the completion of the project put into operation. Actively carry out small Teveision, the integration of the two, the toll free application for enterprise services, various tasks to ensure the successful completion of the first year of the "13th Five-Year".

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