Disabled Teachers’Self taught a rich technology of vegetables

disabled people in modern society is difficult to find suitable jobs, the Chinese government has been encouraging the disabled employment by entrepreneurship, Yongnian county a disabled by teachers to grow vegetables, diligent entrepreneurship eventually get rich.

he ill fated, youth suffered two accidents, a left forelimb was cut, a 4/5 spleen was removed; he Shencanzhijian, repeatedly suspended due to health reasons, but never give up learning, and finally to   a university student; he loves drilling research, self breeding technology, became farmers breeding expert well known; he insists to do poineering work independently, unremitting self-improvement, now opened a supermarket, and has a stake in two breeding enterprises. He is   Yongnian County, West Village, Hexi village, farmers, experts – Liu Yongxian.

1974, Liu Yongxian was born in an ordinary peasant family. He studied from childhood, good reading, academic performance has been among the best. However, the weather is unpredictable, 12 years old that winter, due to an accident, his left arm was amputated, food and clothing can only rely on his right hand, but he still laugh at life.

After three years of

During the period of

During the

2000 graduated from University, he went to Handan radio and television university. In the meantime, he and the girl married Li Jianying quzhou. With the birth of a child, a person’s income is difficult to bear the cost of a family living in the city. He decided to resign.

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