2015 chain continues to accelerate the business of Wuhan entrepreneurs

Wuhan this year was named the country’s second most entrepreneurial city, sufficient to prove the entrepreneurial vitality of the city. Recently, the 2015 Chain Conference – you have not seen the Wuhan event held to explore the development of the Internet Era social platform.


in the business circle of venture capital institutions are glued to Wuhan

micro chain founder Cai Hua in the chain conference site, showing a group of Wuhan’s business data: as of November 2015, Wuhan has 329 business projects, Hubei accounted for 97.1% of the total, while there are 114 local investment institutions on the entrepreneurial projects. Active investment institutions in Wuhan, accounting for up to 68% of the depth from the north, the field of investment institutions are also on the entrepreneurial projects in Wuhan eyeing".

for entrepreneurs to accelerate business, the financial cloud im cloud touted

hand is hot "the business", on the other hand, entrepreneurs face a variety of difficulties in the actual business. Many participants said that now the hottest mobile Internet business cannot do without App, and App is a hurdle in the process of entrepreneurial industry must face. How to cross this bridge, for all entrepreneurs, is a test, some entrepreneurs may have App do not come out, have been closed down, while others are App has been made out, but also to the collapse.

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