Cafe students start from 5 thousand to 150 thousand years into the moon

is the number of young people, success with their persistence and efforts to set up 3 different theme style coffee shop, at the beginning of the loss to the 3 cafe now, to achieve a reversal, with its below to see whether they do it?

while having class start, sleep 5 hours a day

to save money in the decoration, the purchase of equipment, is to rely on their own. The secondary market Amoy furniture, jewelry, and then back to his own painting transformation, paint the walls, senior apprentice barista, studying coffee technology, spent almost two months, finally officially opened the cafe. Since the opening of the cafe, Xu Tao, they are a bit busy, a month lost 13 pounds, in order to run a good cafe, often in the morning before bed at about 2, and at the same time to get up at 7 in the morning."   although tired, but we all feel worthy of.

in the shop before 4 are ready to clear division of labor, is responsible for the line of publicity, is responsible for the operation of the financial, responsible, but the shop opened nearly a week to the customer is not much, are familiar with the students to help with foreign friends, only a handful of friends and classmates. Due to fewer customers, but also to pay rent, water and electricity costs, the basic monthly loss of more than 5000 stores. Over time, the surrounding KTV, tea bar, coffee shop is also up, the original bad business worse.

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