Focus the couple went to Nanchong really good poverty alleviation

in many areas of life in poor economic conditions, we need strong support, but also some people come forward to make an example. Cai Jianjun, engineer, Suining branch, China civil aviation flight academy. December 2015, when he was about to go to the village of Gaoping District, Nanchong, head of the village of Mars in the village as the news of the village cadres told his fiancee Tang Yirong, was immediately fiancee protest". "We’re getting ready for the wedding. This time you go, this marriage is not tied up?" Tang Yirong recalled the scene at the time, said that this is the first time she heard the news after the roar of Cai Jianjun.

2011, Cai Jianjun graduated from the China Civil Aviation Flight Academy, and was admitted to the school Suining branch. After the introduction, the understanding of the experimental primary school in Suining to teach Tang Yirong. By the end of 2015, when the two began to organize the event of marriage, Cai Jianjun proposed to go to the village to help the poor.

"I grew up in the country…" in the face of his fiancee Cai Jianjun attitude, a simple words, let Tang Yirong cry. 2016 at the beginning of the month, Tang Yirong Cai Jianjun sent to the village of mars.

but let Cai Jianjun did not expect that their own poverty alleviation in the village also affected the Tang Yirong. In July of this year, Tang Yirong quit his job, to the village of Mars as a helper on the road to help the poor in Cai Jianjun.

"I live in the old village before he zhishugu, two human like a son. Most of the time, they have to work late into the night. Cooking in rural areas is very inconvenient, they often make a meal to eat a few days." Speaking of Cai Jianjun, Tang Yirong was fond of.

talked about why he resigned to participate in the village to help the poor? Tang Yirong said: they want to do too much, not enough manpower in the village, the village cadres do not operate the computer, heavy task. I think, no work can be found, but this year, the village of Mars poverty can not wait." In this way, Cai Jianjun on the road to poverty, more than a inseparable helper.

10 month 17 days, is China’s third poverty day, Cai Jianjun and Tang Yirong also on this day, the reason for life. But not because of the honeymoon wedding day and forget the responsibility on the shoulders, second days after the wedding, then back to the Mars village, the tension started helping data sorting and filing, launched the sprint to the whole village poverty hat.

through this report we can see that the couple on the road to poverty alleviation, after entering the poor areas, for the local people to do a lot of things. Tang Yirong was a good teacher, "supernumerary" poverty alleviation also actively play their strengths. After the teacher moved to the village of Mars, a time to go to school, to the school’s only 18 students tutoring, I also understand the city’s teaching methods, expanding the classroom teaching ideas." Mars village primary school teacher Zhao Deliang said. We recommend

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