Entrepreneurship question and answer a new proposition why can not have a large parade O2O phalanx

Beijing’s military parade has just come to an end, the shock is not unusual, in fact, O2O also need to review this era! O2O entrepreneurial model across all walks of life, small business partners have to keep up with the new trend of entrepreneurship.

The majestic

O2O did not present in this paper were showed, as our brave soldiers more glory in the daily patriotic mission. In this paper, the O2O platform model is in recent years, especially since this year, retail and local life as the core of the case.

with several years of development of mobile Internet, online and offline businesses are shouting transformation, O2O has become a popular concept and a hotly contested spot, enterprises with their own development, have explored the integration, has launched a variety of typical O2O platform.

O2O mode big data + product + service "

Jingdong with more than 15 city tens of thousands of convenience stores, O2O store layout of Jingdong, Jingdong to provide data support, as a convenience store at the end of its landing; Jingdong and Zhangzidao group to expand to 020 fresh, Zhangzidao open port, Zhangzi Island to provide efficient fresh supply chain system. In addition, the Jingdong has also reached the advantages of integration and clothing, shoes and hats, bags, decoration and other brand Home Furnishing chain stores, to expand the product line, full sink channels, stores by Jingdong of precision marketing and ultimately achieve zero inventory".

Analysis of

Su Ningyun: "

O2O mode to store values + double the same price.

Suning O2O mode is to the Internet as the main retail "wings Internet transition path. Suning use their offline stores, and online platform, to achieve full line of products of all channels under the same price, help Suning to break the status quo in the transformation and development of the retail entity with its own electricity supplier channels around each stroke.

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