Beijing provident fund interest rate adjusted net denied

for a lot of people want to live in Beijing, they all want to have their own homes, all people for provident fund, mortgage and many other words, very concerned about. Last night, Beijing provident fund management center, said Beijing has been strictly implementing the provident fund loans, housing and recognize credit policy, the recent policy adjustments did not.

2011 media reports said that in 2010, Beijing has implemented a provident fund loans, housing and credit recognition policy, but from the new year’s day in 2011, it became a housing does not recognize the loan". This argument has been confirmed by the housing agency. According to the introduction of a number of intermediary companies, previously, Beijing housing provident fund loans identified standards have been recognized housing mortgage".

, that is to say, if you have bought a house loan, but before re apply for provident fund loans include the name of the house and pay off the loan, then apply for the loan fund, still identify headed suites, enjoy the first suite of benefits that the loan can be most loans to 80% (90 square meters below 80% square meters; 90 70%), interest rate is the benchmark interest rate of provident fund.

But if the

according to the Beijing provident fund center said last night of the housing and credit recognition, it means that, if the applicant to apply for the loan to buy a house before, even if you have to sell the house, still will be identified as two suites but to apply for provident fund loans, a maximum loan to 40%, lending rates in the benchmark interest rate based on the floating 10%.

Central Plains real estate market research director Zhang Dawei believes that the current fund loans accounted for about 40% of the total market volume in Beijing, in which there are about 30% of the people in the small room is to buy big house. The implementation of the "provident fund housing and credit recognition policy, this part of the purchase will be identified as two sets of mortgage, Shoufu increased to 60%, rising interest rates for 1.1 times the provident fund, and another part of property buyers will lose the loan qualification.

in the eyes of many, want to buy a house in Beijing, the need to focus on a wide range of information, especially in the application of provident fund loans, the need to pay attention to many aspects of the problem, to win people’s recognition. Last night, the Beijing housing provident fund management center stressed that Beijing has been strictly enforced, recognize the housing and credit recognition policy, the recent policy adjustments did not.

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