Coco milk tea shop to join the cost is how much

shop franchise project is one of the factors that must be considered is to join the cost problem, who knows the well-known brand to join is very good, but only bear huge fees, what kind of idea is just a dream. How much does it cost to join coco milk tea?

coco milk tea to join the store area requirements in 15 square meters, coco milk tea needs to be $135 thousand shop expenses. Includes: 30 thousand yuan fee, $5 thousand contract performance, $100 thousand of machinery and equipment and raw materials.

coco tea product diversification, the world style series, mellow tea series, fresh fruit tea series, white white series, black passion series, more winter hot drinks, to meet customer demand for different tastes. Coco milk tea every year to join the development of more than 30% new products, due to the diverse tastes of customers demand, standardized production, regular food safety inspection, to the customer the most fresh, reassuring guarantee.

"xiangpiaopiao" cup of tea is known as a year to sell more than hundreds of millions of cup, taste "xiangpiaopiao." coco tea, pearl milk tea beverage market of visible. Coco can open a tea shop, the investment is very flexible, large investment can do hundreds of thousands of compound tea restaurant, ready to eat and drink, small can be put into the tens of thousands of open shop.

to direct stores, for example, coco milk tea gross profit of more than 70%, after deducting rent utilities, net profit of more than 50%. Coco milk tea to join authentic Taiwan flavor, to ensure that the taste of pure, at the same time, according to local tastes, make appropriate adjustments, while adhering to the quality, to meet the needs of different people. Coco tea includes ten series, 80 kinds of varieties, different tastes, meet the various needs of people men and women, old and young will never let any one, the loss of customers.

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