Business to respect the customer

in today’s society, 10 Fen is not really something, even if there are 10 Fen people on the road and no one will pick up. But if it is reflected in the sale, in fact, 10 Fen can not be a trivial matter. At home, see a disabled person with two family members in the roadside selling watermelon, suddenly produce a pity: such a hot day, he and his family here for a day, is not easy, take care of his business! My family and I don’t like to eat watermelon.

"boss, how much is it?"" I stopped the bike. A piece of five!" The disabled male boss and short haired lady in charge of money. "It’s so expensive! They sell a piece!" I took a breath, a pound of expensive 50 fen! "It was delicious. We picked it up from the ground. Look, you’re unloading it from the car!" Boss urgent excuse. I laughed, the same watermelon! However, since it is intended to help, it did not say anything, the direct election of A.

said the watermelon, responsible for weighing hair pulled off the vine to ms.. Others want to pull! If not, can pull it?" Male boss suddenly loudly blame. I feel a bit uncomfortable, to say that, just as a vine, was to put up a pageantry? Long hair lady did not refute, said the watermelon said: six pieces of 89 fen!" "Seven pieces!" A male boss offered. "Six and 89 fen!" Long hair lady excuse. He lost 11 Fen cents, on the matter of 10 fen!" Listen to this, I am angry: give me 10 Fen why can so confidently? Is this the 10 Fen thing?

"7 block!" At this time, short hair lady looked at me indifferently. I did not speak, quietly paid the money away. I know, from now on, I will not buy this family watermelon, also won’t let relatives and friends to buy their watermelon.

buy melon experience, you will patronize this home? Although 10 Fen is not a thing, but such an attitude, who can accept? 10 Fen, let the boss lost a customer or even a group of customers. In fact, think about it, who cares about this 10 Fen? Customer care is a respect. This respect can be exchanged for their shopping comfort, but also for a person or a group of people long-term desire to buy. Empathy, as a retail household, we, in the course of business, we must remember to respect the customer, from the words, from the action, but also remember that the loss is a blessing of truth, would rather lose their own, do not lose customers. Well, it’s not really 10 fen!

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