Want to retain customers also need to know how to work the whole management

now has a lot of business owners are very old-fashioned concept, resulting in the store is very easy to lose customers. In fact, if we are operating in the above modifications, will allow the store business can be better development. While operating non-staple food store, daily necessities and other necessities daily necessaries tea often specification more often there will be a shortage of supply for goods suppliers specifications or a store sold out for reasons such as not timely replenishment of temporary shortage. If you happen to encounter a customer to specify a specification of goods, then I will be flexible, try to meet the needs of each other, thereby retaining business.

day morning, a middle-aged woman to buy a lot of supplies in the store checkout, suddenly think of missing a big bag of chicken, then to seek for the condiment area, you can find for a long time have not seen, so he asked me: "boss, how no big bags of chicken?" I heard, I thought it was not good, big bag of chicken powder sold out yesterday, had not had time to replenish, they quickly suggested: "there is a pouch on the shelves, or else you take the pouch?" Middle aged women do not seem satisfied: "even if it is not!"

a business to yellow, I had an idea: "if you get two bags of small amount, combined with a large bag of chicken, I’ll give you the price according to the big bag, when I give you a discount, and small package of chicken more convenient storage, all right?" After listening to the middle-aged women think it is also cost-effective, they readily promised.

another time, a man came to the store to buy rice. Originally, the store has 10 kg of rice, and the installation of a kilogram of 25 kg of 3 kinds of specifications, unfortunately, at that time the store was only about 15 kg, while the man as long as the size of 10 kg. In order to conclude the business with the consent of the man agrees, I put an extra 5 kg rice poured into his migang, the remaining 10 kg rice bag sold to him.

"flexibility" in the current era is very important, it is not only reflected in the business process, but also reflected in every corner of life. In fact, the daily operation of a lot of small tricks, although sometimes the operation may be a little trouble, but as long as it can lead to a business, to meet customer needs, is also worth a try.

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