Gansu city of Zhangye province with the help of youth entrepreneurship microfinance

there are many young entrepreneurs dream, but many people are subject to financial constraints, for this reason, many governments have provided the relevant loan services. In recent years, Gansu Province, Zhangye city Ganzhou district to increase the intensity of work, with the right use of small loans to support entrepreneurship policy, help aspiring young people to realize their dream, to ensure the payment of 7166 $348 million 290 thousand business loans used wisely.

Ganzhou district through entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship typical demonstration city, entrepreneurship competition, policy propaganda and other activities, improve the enthusiasm of youth entrepreneurship; establish a sound lending acceptance, audit review responsibility system, strengthen supervision after loan, regular return visit to understand the operation and use of loan loans, business loans to ensure safe operation; innovation the mechanism, the microfinance loan policy into entrepreneurship training course, reduce the operation risk of small loans, small loans to support entrepreneurship to ensure effectiveness.


with a preferential policies have been carried out, which is the cause of local young entrepreneurs have made rapid development, has helped many young entrepreneurs realize their entrepreneurial dreams, let the local entrepreneurial career has been developing extremely hot.

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