Use the importance of soft text promotion and good soft Wen writing skills

is now generally do network promotion are on "these two words," not strange, but many people do not know how to write, and soft, what can bring much benefits, only know the soft to the original, can do the chain. In fact, not only the function of the chain, there are many problems encountered when do network promotion need to solve the soft, so soft, not a single chain function, but also is very powerful, so I suggest that you can write more soft, to their own network promotion work to reduce the burden, but also do network promotion is actually a which can be in any place to do the work, as long as have a computer and electrical network, and can work in where you want to be, so to learn the soft skills of the most powerful network promotion will give your work to bring greater benefits, I detail about soft Wen has what kind of function. read more

Taobao zern off contest broadcast stable brother V5 final first monthly Awards

National Day holiday, the game is not a holiday. "2011CEEN · zern; world famous shoes Taobao customers to promote competition in the eleven golden week is still like a raging fire, but recently we often mentioned three splendid Taobao customers, many players also came a small outbreak during the holidays, a flourishing scene of battle.

brother brother is located within the three stable, "Taobao VIP media alliance" performance has been excellent and stable, can be compared to the other two "luffi520" and "Yu Qingping 2", is slightly dull, give you the feeling has been tepid, not too sharp, but also not bad. This week is stable when the back brother finally lead to the highest achievement of Zhou Guanjun’s 10 single week pen, the mighty this week! At the same time also exceeded the total score of "Yu Qingping 2" in second, from the "luffi520" only 1 pen, exciting stimulus read more

The Empire of Cms and easli details

was a budding PowerEasy fan, can be said to be the old iron. Has been very love PowerEasy CMS, you can see even this blog, also used the system easy, I am not a few stations, this blog and website at Valley children, want to change, and feel real the asp version is no longer suitable, so on the choice of the Empire, after 2 months of testing, the details of the empire is in feeling is too much, here is not to say the details: BUG.

only had a little impact on the site of the convenient, plus years of easy mode used, suddenly changed into the Empire, really is not used. Then began to shake, the drum Daodong ran easy version of net, with a good, is that bUG is too horrible, but the feeling of running up a bit difficult, finally in the acquisition system of the deadly bug give up, because he had collected a download address can not, no way too much. It was officially opened after the Empire. The station began to slowly adjust to the website design, found that some aspects of the Empire, is not humane. Reading points can not be changed, the eldest brother, give me a ~~~~~~~~~ read more

The future direction of nternet company

with the arrival of the era of network economy, all walks of life have shifted their eyes to the internet. When Google, Baidu, YAHOO and other search engine has become the object of people rely on, all walks of life are also really got the network, brings the value of the search engine, the Internet also appear in PPC, search engine optimization services. This once again confirmed the sentence: "the emergence of a new technology can drive the emergence and development of one or more industries.". read more

My experience of buying links

words, from this month I took the link to speak, received three days, the loss of more than one thousand yuan!


A5 send a stick in the high quality links, Shen, because it is the first collection of links, thought he is not stupid, is a veteran, did not expect the purchase link inside pour really many! Post not long, there are a lot of people contact, give you a web site, PR the price, through some tools, auxiliary examination, found the information is true, there is no more exchanges, to request the other party to do, because much money did not consider the other, directly through the payment to Alipay, now selling links a lot, always check, do, payment received about fifty or sixty later, found that many of the members are the beginning of cooperation has sent a higher PR, included more, of course the price is higher in the high quality website, after the examination did not think because it is the second collaboration, do direct support Pay attention to [b], a liar is the psychological, because it is the two collaboration, buyers less alert psychology, [/b], and so do a lot of high quality links, on the second day, the Commissioner responsible for inspection of the inspection found that after the two cooperative members basically removed the link! read more

Zhan Chenghong network marketing study should see more write more summarize more

There are many

methods for learning network marketing experience of this kind of articles online, some friends write is also very good, today Zhan Chenghong is here to share with you some of my personal experiences and views in this regard. Network marketing, as its name suggests, is a marketing approach, different from traditional marketing, and the difference is that network marketing is based on the Internet implementation of this platform means of marketing. With the development of the Internet in Chinese, the number of Internet users is increasing, whether enterprises or individuals are already aware of network marketing development will be related to the future survival and development of enterprises, the importance of network marketing learning has been unprecedented attention of the people. Then, in the process of learning online marketing, we should pay attention to what problems, and how to deal with these problems in the course of learning may arise? Below we begin to give you one by one analysis and explanation. read more

How to improve tea shop sales

for many people, the degree of love for tea is very deep, there is nothing everyone likes to drink tea, a great demand for tea. Open a tea shop, sales are very important, affecting the people can make money. Below to introduce you, how to improve the sales of tea shops?

read more

How to choose a car beauty shop

open car beauty shop before you get to know the location of the store is very necessary skills, because only a reasonable shop location, in order to pave the way for future business. Many people see the growth of the number of cars behind the business opportunities, want to invest in a car beauty shop. How to open a car beauty shop? Let’s take a look.

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Easy to lead to the failure of the eight major short sighted behavior

for the webmaster, do stand is rapid success, including gain, gain fame, a typical way of gaining influence, in this competitive society, do stand because it has the "equality" — no family background can make no grassroots webmaster also get out the chance of success; because it is "free" does not need to be fixed to the "boss" report and can self control and schedule, the webmaster is his boss, and let more and more people choose to do stand as a shortcut to pursue their own success". read more

Ma Yun retired but there are still a lot of thinking left for Ali’s territory

rejection reason: illegal websites

5.10, Taobao 10th anniversary’s anniversary, Ma Yun chose to leave. Whether it is out or moved to other, as the total helmsman ten years of Taobao, Ma gave the team enough vitality. Perhaps some friends do not feel, Ma Yun’s Taobao, as if there is no apple of Jobs, without the guidance of the soul, then its original product attributes will inevitably be greatly reduced. But as an electricity supplier industry observer, I think Ma Yun’s departure is in some sense in favor of Taobao, will at least bring a new development ideas for the enterprise, moreover, Ma Yun’s departure is not sudden, its products in the field, the scope of business is also done for Taobao pave the way. read more