Website optimization to make full use of the valuable materials of keyword research neglected side

if only rely on the tools of keyword research, it is easy to overlook your users. The tool is only to find the most popular words, regardless of whether the user really use these words. One of the best methods of keyword research studies users use words, here are some simple research methods.


product evaluation

every day you will be a user of email, some are seeking help, some consulting services and so on. In email you will find the actual use of the word. Most companies have filed form or in connection to the email website, these data are collected in the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system or directly send e-mail to the person in charge. Summing up information from your inbox is not an easy thing, use the form system to keep the information submitted to the database, and then send the information to the appropriate CRM or email for further research. read more

The search engine results diversification and features user experience effect on Shanghai Dragon a

Shanghai dragon most understand a truth, no matter how the site search engine on the arrogance of how unreasonable, but as with all our webmaster friends, there is one thing he must consider, that is the user experience, in this case search engines than any of our webmaster friends are not open around the search engine. The user viscosity is very low, even the search engines don’t deny, so love Shanghai to Shanghai Shanghai know sex sex, sex, sex Post Bar Shanghai, Shanghai space, do fall in love with the sea ah, now is a love Shanghai open platform, a what will Shanghai traffic and customers are transformed into the final value, make the search engine more than just a visitor’s media. read more

Case analysis the search keyword does not show the reason description of

When Here we can see the

small series marked the keyword "Cangzhou maternal and child" in bold red line, since the description contains the secondary key should display the description in the love of Shanghai in search results, the cause of the non display is what? Here is the small series to see why before the proposed snapshot date of the station. The station snapshot date " 2012-2-5 ", we see the page love Shanghai snapshot of the source code:

, a search engine crawler to crawl in the page when the network is not smooth, resulting in incomplete web crawling. The website open slowly, a spider crawling only when climbing the parts of the page. Many websites such as some time ago in Shanghai love search results without " description", a title, not even the title page of the current set of title. Here we see the snapshot of this page: read more

A bully when dark cheat common scam secret website link building

scam three: use JS link identification: * * * * * is

search technology can not identify the inside of the JS text based on a lot of people on the link played a crooked idea. In addition some owners are not proficient in the program, if the script is classified hidden calls, JS link is >

scam two: embedded iframe framework, the difficulty of recognition: * * * * *

website construction and website optimization process, Links is a double-edged sword, on the one hand, the normal exchange links can indeed enhance the mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit, the specific keywords in the search engine rankings. On the other hand, the link will be affected by the parties to the exchange site right down. Although the name is Links, link exchange still trap continuously, this is a frequently encountered problem. Link spam and contempt, but because you can realize one-way links, the rapid accumulation of website weight, many people still secretly use. This is a party for cheating, is not fair, exchange links to promote website weight, thus not only lift weights, but the output is not only caused by the continual loss of weight into the website. There is no way to prevent cheating links, but definitely have a way to identify, just now the cheating means more deceptive, requires considerable piercing eye. read more

How to deal with the search engine algorithm to adjust

Secondly, the content of the website

. A good website must have good content. Good content is through the construction site, to give to the customers the most intuitive just want to see things. This process is relatively long, need Adsense observed trends, understand customer’s new requirements for finishing editing, for the website update.

(search engine) refers to the use of certain strategies and specific computer programs from the Internet to collect information in the information organization and processing and retrieval services for users, the user information retrieval system is presented to the user related. At present, the domestic large and small search engine is quite much, big love Shanghai, noble baby, sousou, YAHOO, Sogou, Youdao etc.. Each search engine has its own set of ranking rules, also is the search engine algorithm we said. They have a common goal: is to provide faster and more accurate customer service. Many search engines, and changes all the time, but also to prevent some malicious competition, as a webmaster we how to cope with the N algorithm to adjust their station talent shows itself? Then I simply talk about oneself to do some of the tips, there may be some not comprehensive place hope master exchange advice. QQ:307628090 personally feel that the search engine algorithm there are three kinds: first, the content of the website; second, site links; third, user experience. The adjustment on this basis, which is more focused on some. read more

Love of Shanghai appeared 11 how to do

website has been ranked 11 in a week, no matter how other rankings is my website ranking is always the same, occasionally a news ran to 12, it is always in the 11 position, contact Shanghai Longfeng 3 months, had never encountered such a situation, when I knew that love Shanghai concern, because the beginning is love Shanghai NO1, suddenly went to 11 and I can not go, the first is the mobile phone search, search pinyin is the first, or the middle of a space is the first one, today on the Internet to find information related to find that many people also appear to I like, read a lot of webmaster and Shanghai Dragon Master share, the 2 important factors: read more

The interpretation of the love Shanghai 6 28 event official explanation


look at this sentence: "because of the reason as everyone knows, we are unable to provide details of the update strategy of" what is the real reason, really do not know why Internet is all speculation, to Shanghai’s irresponsible embodied most incisive.


for the love of Shanghai said to the healthy development of the Internet ecosystem has taken some measures for the development of the Internet "the wording we also agree, but there is doubt! Compared to love Shanghai, noble baby technology is not bad? Has been very stable, is noble baby ecological! If that ecological development, or the proposal put junk products bidding removed!" explained that this part of the site is not designed for end users, but only in order to get traffic from search engines." So, why are specially designed for end users of the website is the large-scale K? Not for example read more

The major search engines on the soft reflection speed analysis and applications of Shanghai Dragon

is the so-called soft Wen through some articles about the affairs for readers in the unconscious, Qianxiaomohua to understand a product, let the reader to remember this thing on my personal understanding of the soft Wen is not to write, to use the most real transaction, the real case to tell yourself, don’t resolve for, let the reader can understand and grasp some basic knowledge and professional knowledge from you in this transaction, so the personal induction writing soft Wen write some more useful for readers. Take my writing yesterday who I wrote the article, the policy is in order to let the novice like me, pay attention to some of the work in the new optimization: new Shanghai dragon not excessive optimization, a new station in Shanghai Longfeng not too quiet, to maintain a low-key, new Shanghai dragon in the chain promoted not by mass. Because I own this article is about a new station in Shanghai Longfeng lesson is to have a certain purpose for the majority of new Shanghai dragon Er, is to be able to call it soft, it is because yesterday wrote this article, by the vast number of friends reproduced, so the search engines also follow these I came to the station from the new station looked at my station, to my station included are slightly improved, but the love of Shanghai is an exception, not included in the new page of my yesterday, the snapshot is not updated. read more

The website of Shanghai dragon well outside the chain with a strong chain of winning the old station

outside doing even steps, you can go to Shanghai in search of love blog, or portal, to find those high weight blog, every application a high weight blog, not only can give you bring direct traffic, but also can effectively provide your website’s weight, and of course it you need to insist for a long time, because just for the blog is no weight, as we do new sites, this is the day you need to take the time to blog some content, such as blog weight well, you can send some of your website related to the contents of the article, this time with you the site is connected, it is a point, even when we do, not three days fishing nets two days of drying, insist to do in every day, do only a few results, remember today 100, tomorrow is not made in this way, will have a negative impact on the website of the bad, that we really need to pay attention. read more

The interpretation of love Shanghai Google Optimization Guide to create the correct site TTlE

B, the title should explicitly include the theme of

love Shanghai Google requires the title of the site should contain a clear theme, it is written on the title keywords requirements should be consistent with the content of the website, can not appear cry up wine and sell vinegar phenomenon, such as we are doing the Shanghai dragon blog, we should take the words as the core keywords to Shanghai dragon development should not appear in other related keywords, such as soft, website construction of such words written in a dragon in Shanghai as the main content of the website. read more