By by Elisabeth Cook FFWPU Austria This sentence

first_imgBy by Elisabeth Cook, FFWPU AustriaThis sentence was once said in a sermon by someone, and it inspired Petra and Jose Suarez to prepare a Blessing in their village of Göfis in the western part of Austria, near the Swiss border.Petra’s 50th birthday was coming up. In prayer she felt strongly that God was so sad because so many times He couldn’t rely on us. Petra felt God’s desperation and she thought: “I can’t have God wait any longer! I have to bless the people of our village!”That was the starting point of her preparing a Blessing ceremony in their village which has only 3500 inhabitants.Together with her husband and her children they made preparations to celebrate her 50th birthday and their 25th anniversary of their Blessing. Finally, on June 3rd, 2018 the event took place. They rented a beautiful hall in the center of the village and invited people with whom they had been friends for many years, as well as the blessed families of Tirol and Vorarlberg, the church community to which they belong.Petra gave a PPT about the most important events in her life with special emphasis on the Blessing which they received from True Parents. She then asked everybody if they would like to share this special Blessing, which all the people present agreed to.Community leader Walter Waldhäusl explained the meaning of the Holy Wine and the further steps of the Blessing, before he and his wife Akemi gave the Blessing to all.All together 7 couples and one widow were blessed, 20 persons in all. They all are from the village, and Petra and her family cultivated the friendship with them over many years by attending the same club or organizing programs for their children or simply going for a walk every week with the neighbor.The guests participated actively in the program by presenting songs, leading group dances and organizing the buffet. Everybody was happy and joyful.One week after that Petra gave a testimony about the preparations and the Blessing, in which she said that “as soon as we decided to hold this Blessing, the Spirit world started to support us very actively, telling me clearly how I should do certain things.”She also mentioned that she got strong encouragement by listening to Dr. Balcomb’s sermon which he held in Camberg at the Pentecost festival, stating that–“Please share the Blessing you received! This year we’ve already had so many more Blessings in Europe!–Do not stay in your own space! Work with different groups and create alliances with them. We need to humble ourselves and look for partners outside our church.”For Petra and her family this event was a new start in their lives. They feel strongly that they could reach a new level in their spiritual life, and that nothing is as it was before.They could also state an example of what is possible to accomplish in a small village in Austria.last_img read more