Edin Kajević aims to a New Guinness Record

first_imgEdin Kajević, the master of taekwondo, will try to make a new Guinness record together with his mentor Muhammad Kahrimanović, who is also a Guinness Recorder, on the 5th of September in Austria.Kajević was preparing to improve his record in the category of breaking coconuts with his elbows in one minute, which he achieved last year in Visoko. In 2015, Kajević managed to break the world record in breaking full cans. Previous record was 41 broken can in a minute, which Kajević broke down and set a new record of 62 broken cans in a minute.“I performed 3 times in less than a year. This time I have to be better, I have to surpass my personal record. Back then, I broke 40 coconuts for one minute with my elbows and thus broke the former record which was 21 coconut. Now, I will try to break a minimum of 41 coconuts. I really hope that I will be able to make it happen,” said Edin Kajević, the founder and coach of TK Bosna Visoko. (Source: klix.ba)last_img read more