Couple wins real cow playing freetoplay mobile game

first_imgTypically, free-to-play mobile games try and offer you entertainment in return for regular payments in the form of in-app purchases. Special events and competitions in these games usually only result in digital rewards. Bagra, a mobile game developed by Tunisian company Digital Mania, recently held a competition with an unusual prize: a real-life cow.Bagra tasks the player with looking after a herd of cows while attempting to steal more cows from other players using a UFO to beam them up. The prize of a real-life cow was offered to the player with the highest score. It’s also important to point out that the game was initially only made available locally, so that the cow in Tunisia at least remained in Tunisia. Imagine the delivery costs of exporting such an animal!The couple who won remain unnamed, but have taken delivery of their cow after it spent two weeks living with the game’s developer. The delivery of the cow looked very precarious due to the truck used being way too small for an animal of that size, as can be seen in the video below:I suspect this won’t be an often repeated competition prize, but mobile game developers would do well to consider offering real-life physical prizes every so often. You can only receive digital unlocks or extra coins so many times before the thrill of winning disappears. Maybe this is a way Rovio can regain Angry Birds’ mojo. It’s not like they are short of physical objects representing the brand already.last_img read more